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What a week! It has seen many interesting challenges for us to engage with, particularly lesson observations. These, however, have not just been reserved for our teachers…Activ8 students have also had the pleasure of being observed for their Sports Leaders Level 2 qualification. The only thing I can possibly feel for our teachers is sympathy – observations are tough! The amount of planning, not to mention the stress that you go through makes them tricky. I’m pleased to report that I haven’t been sacked or told that I was rubbish which must be a positive thing! I wish all our teachers the best during these observational periods.

As a pathway, Activ8 are traditionally used to doing sporty activities, so it may come as a surprise to hear that some of the Activ8 students are trying their hand at ‘green screen’ during our IT lessons. This is symbolically important, seeing as computers are the future of this planet. Having strong computer skills is really important if you want to get a job in the future.

One of our other pathways, Lumenus, will be performing an adaption of Shrek later on this June. Although I have no knowledge of the world of theatre, I have been told the show is all set to be fantastic. The closest I have ever been to a school production has either been as a Creative Director or making the programmes (I was probably too scared of making myself look a complete goon….) If you haven’t bought your tickets for Shrek yet, please contact Wendy Warren on 0161 883 2401.

The summer term will see plenty of sporting events. We will have the Euros and the Olympic and Paralympic Games to provide mainstream excitement. School sport, howver, becomes really exciting at this stage. As you may have read in Mrs Lamb’s blog earlier on in the week, there are plans for a Sports Day at the end of term which you will hear more about closer to the event. The plans are really exciting and I’m sure it will be a chance for the IT pathway, Digit4ll, to stop playing ‘Hide and Seek’ behind their cameras and thrill us with an 100m sprint!! Hopefully the weather will be much more consistent this summer; at the minute it is about as consistent as my mood swings!

Finally, I would like to thank every single ‘Buddy’ who gave their support during our Parents’ Evening. Your work in positively representing the school is massively appreciated. I would also like to wish my younger brother, Alfie, and everyone who is undertaking the KS2 SATs examinations all the best this week. Alfie is a really smart yet funny young man and I credit him with being the person who has kept my head together during all these years. No grade in some worthless exam will ever change that. Thank you.

Have a good week,



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