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What a week! Everyone at the school site had rather a shock when they arrived this morning to discover no electricity due to what turned out to be a major fault in the area. We had hoped the power would be restored quickly but unfortunately that wasn’t the case as Mr Quinn explains here, and we reluctantly had to close the school. We know this will have caused many families a lot of inconvenience and we are grateful for your understanding and support. We’re glad that all our young people returned home safely and school will be open as normal on Monday.

It was business as usual at the Learning Centre today and we were able to find out how five of our E-Base students fared on their first ever Duke of Edinburgh’s expedition! We’re delighted that our roving reporter, Miss Evans, has given us this first-hand account to share with you…..

Over the 2 days the group walked about 4 miles! They were challenged throughout the expedition having to walk on a variety of different surfaces and gradients and through different environments..

Ebase2 Ebase3

At times they were all really tired but after a few minutes rest they all got up and kept going..



They really wanted to find the bus!!

Ebase7 Ebase8

When we all got back to the centre where we were staying they still didn’t get to rest – now it was time to make their own tea..

Ebase9 Ebase10

Your own cooking always tastes good!


Finally, time for a rest…


As always, the success of our trips depends on the hard work and commitment of our staff. We’d like to thank Mr Taylor, Miss Evans, Mr Ridings and Mrs Bennett for making sure the E-Base trip ran so smoothly. Miss Evans would like a special mention to go to Jordan Martin who joined the trip as a student volunteer. In Miss Evans’ words, “We couldn’t have managed without him.” Well done, Jordan and all our E-Base students!!


It’s not like us to talk about football as you know but this week has seen rather a lot of it! Many of our young people (and staff too – isn’t that right, Mr Quinn?) watched the England v Wales match with a mixture of nerves and excitement. A lucky few were still around to see England score the deciding goal in extra time to defeat Wales (sorry, Mr Farrell!). We’d like to compliment everyone on their behaviour and a great atmosphere – Miss Allison has promised the Learning Centre will do it again as England continue their winning streak through to the final (she is, of course, known for her positive outlook!) and Mrs Lamb could possibly be persuaded…. Head Boy, Matthew, will certainly be doing his best to convince her if his latest blog is anything to go by – please click here to read it if you missed it earlier this week.

Our girls have also been happy to join in the football frenzy, with our team playing their final round of games for this season on Wednesday. Thanks to their Disability Co-ordinator, Paul Kelly, we had the privilege of being able to use the new training facilities at Manchester City which were outstanding. Our team had some new editions to the squad (Sophie, Abigail and Sasha from Hollinwood Academy) and all the girls were a credit to the school and themselves with their fair play, fantastic attitudes and brilliant team spirit. We won a few, lost a few and had a couple of drawn games. We have unearthed some fantastic players for next season and found a solid defensive team in Gemma and Faye. Abigail is our Jamie Vardy, scoring goals galore..

IMG_9215 IMG_9222 IMG_9226 IMG_9232 IMG_9254 IMG_9269 IMG_9273

IMG_9236 IMG_9238 IMG_9243 IMG_9244 IMG_9251cropped IMG_9286

Well done to all the girls!!

We have some really exciting news from our swimming department too. We have a new ‘Super Swimmer Award’, we have just held our own New Bridge Swimming Olympics and to put the icing on the cake, so many young people have chosen swimming for our New Bridge Sports Day that we will be holding the event over two days in the pool during the last week of term. We have more details and lots of fantastic photos to share with you – too many to add to this blog so we will do a special feature on our news page and add the link here shortly!

Don’t forget about our Transition Evenings which are being held on Tuesday 21st June at both the school site and the Learning Centre from 5pm to 6pm. Although these are mainly intended to help families who are new to our organisation, parents of current pupils and students are very welcome to attend and meet some of the key staff who will be working with their child in September. If you would like more information, please contact Mrs Bingley on 0161 883 2401 or via email to kbingley@newbridgegroup.org

Letters will also be going home on Monday offering families the chance to book their child’s After School Club place for September – the end of term is starting to feel a lot closer!

We hope you all have a lovely weekend,

Judith and Dawn



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