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This is it! The final week which means this is my final entry in the Head Boy’s blog. What a year I have had as Head Boy! The first part of my role was to be awarded our School Games Gold standard. The last few weeks, however, have topped the lot! At our annual Sports Awards, I was lucky enough along with Tony to be awarded the New Bridge Sports Personality of the Year. Then, just a few days later, I completed my Silver Duke of Edinburgh’s Award, and what an eventful three days that final expedition turned out to be – we survived blisters, sweat and even tears when Charlie screamed to go home after being chased by bulls…

The main event, however, was the leaving celebration and the prom. It was emotional. The leaving celebration was fantastic and my public speaking skills are certainly improving. The buffet was gorgeous. It was great to see everyone in such celebratory yet depressed moods. The prom was one of those mad New Bridge nights – I eventually got a date!!! Finally…. There is a lot of gossip from the prom, some of which I cannot share but I will say that I was told by Charlie’s mum to get down from the rooftop of a truck after an ‘illegal rave’ took place in the school car park. There were certainly sore heads the morning after (but not from alcohol)…

Our final week sees our School Sports Day, the time of year where the school celebrates and put into practice the Olympic values. As a Sports Leader of course, the next two days are like Christmas for me; two days to show my organisational skills as well as my leadership skills. For the students who are competing, it is not all about the winning – good sportsmanship skills are miles better than being an ungrateful winner. We also have a Super Learning Morning on Judaism (although to be honest, even though I understand why we need to continue with our Super Learning Days I prefer the Sports Day and I will not be missing them too much when I move to Medtia.)

As this is my final blog, I feel like there are some ‘thank you’s to be said. Firstly, to my family and friends for just being there and supporting me whenever I need to be supported. Secondly, to all my readers. You are the reason I take a couple of hours out of my week nights to do this and I sincerely hope that you have enjoyed reading the blog as much as I have enjoyed writing it. As well, I want to thank all the staff at our school. I don’t like singling out people because it is very much a team effort but I will do! Mr Southerington – one of the best Head of Years you could wish for. The same can be said for my pastoral manager Mrs Hand as well as Mr Meadows and Mr Neagle – the teachers who brought me back from the brink! Also, the Activ8 staff….the best you can wish for (and also the best at giving you earache so watch out, new recruits!) To every single member of staff who has had the displeasure of putting up with me for the last three years – I salute you!

However, we are all on a journey. From September there will be a new Head Boy and Head Girl and, whoever it will be, best of luck to you. It is the highest honour in the entire school and if you feel you would want the role, behave yourself and put yourself forward – there really is no harm in trying! I certainly am looking forward to enjoying next year’s blog as an avid reader.

As for me, well, I have been given the opportunity to blog about events from Medtia Square although I am currently unsure of how I will do this – expect more information in the coming weeks! As of Friday, I will have left school and be enjoying the start of a seven week rest (I can’t call it the summer holidays, just look outside your window!) Whatever you do during this break, please make sure that you stay safe – I’m sure you all want to be there for Mrs Lamb’s first assembly on ‘Changes’.

Have a good summer and see you all in September when the countdown to Christmas begins…..(NOOOOO!)



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