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Surprise, surprise – I am back! Welcome to this brand new blog reporting on the events from our new home, New Bridge Pathways HQ! I would like to thank the powers that be for allowing me to continue with this blog, their confidence in me is duly appreciated. However, this year is going to be slightly different as I feel that it would be inappropriate for me to be the sole face of the Pathways, so as the academic year advances you will get to hear from many of the people who make Medtia what it is.

On first impressions, the facilities are….decent. We have suggested Activ8’s room could double as a venue for romantic nights in (bookings available soon) while the IT pathway actually have computers that I would dream of buying (when they work). Lumenus, well, they have everything – even a kitchen! Put a coffee machine in there, charge a pound a time and you may possibly have enough to fund another of your outstanding shows!

Another change this year has been that for the first time ever, the doors of HMS Medtia open at 12.30pm for one hour probation. The local Oldham cuisine has so far led me to the five star award winning restaurant, Orlando Fried Chicken. I personally ate at Subway, where the temptation to drink teeth-rotting Pepsi Max got too much – sorry, Jamie Oliver.

Activ8’s challenges so far have included three very long days in the heat, ideal pre-season training even for the fittest. We have enjoyed a nice refreshing cold bath in the river during Duke of Edinburgh,  an unbeaten start to our new season in the One City League and made the most of our only chance to put the pretenders at school back into their places by smashing them in rugby.

Although some of this may sound like a groan, I am actually enjoying it at Medtia! Yes, the internet is on and off like my behaviour in Year 9 but that time is better spent getting to know the new teachers who may now be wondering what they have got themselves in to! Yes, there are times when sometimes the dinners are late but some people don’t get a chance to have lunch at all… All these luxuries that we complain about all the time when you can make opportunities for yourself based on what you have got. This year will be a bigger challenge than most, however it is time to get on with it – the talking stops now.

I can now safely say that our ‘two week summer holiday extension’ is well and truly over, no looking back now.

Welcome back!



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