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This week has been a really exciting week for the Digit4ll, our IT pathway, with a visit from a very special guest. Dawn Green from the Karten Network came in to see the exciting enterprises we are developing on the first floor of the Medtia building. The Karten Network donated funds to Digit4ll to invest in industry-standard video production equipment for our green screen recording studio and video editing suite. Dawn was keen to see the impact the new technology was having on our students and we are very pleased to report that she was not disappointed…the students were fantastic!


Brandon and Jordan (dressed to impress, as ever, in their smart Digit4ll suits and ties) formally greeted Dawn at the door and delivered a professional presentation that even Steve Jobs would have been proud of. Whilst being blown-away by this professional presentation, the rest of the students were spread out across the different hubs; the printing operators were printing canvas orders, the camera operators were recording in the green screen studio, the design team were editing video footage, some students were having a technical workshop and Tia, our newly appointed photographer, was snapping away. It was such a proud moment for me to see our vision of creating a working environment finally come to fruition. Every student displayed such a high level of professionalism and independence, they were a credit to the New Bridge Group..


Over the couple of hours Dawn spent with us I barely spoke a word. Dawn was given a tour by Brandon and Jordan and any questions she had were brilliantly answered by the students. When asked what were the positives of the IT Pathway, Jordan answered, “Meeting new people like you and wearing suits so we get to look smart for work” whereas Brandon replied: “Experiencing work situations and knowing how to make profit so we know how to earn money in future.” The best question of the day though, came from a student when Eliot asked Dawn if she knew Steven Universe. Completely shocked when Dawn didn’t know who he was, Eliot asked her, “How can you not know Steven Universe if you work at the Cartoon Network?” We all had a chuckle, even Eliot, when Dawn explained that she actually worked at the Karten Network.

All the staff are immensely proud of our IT pathway and we are all excited to see how the students build their enterprises over the coming months. Watch this space..



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