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Our Activ8 Key Stage 5 ‘men’ moved to Medtia Square in September in pursuit of the wide range of facilities on offer around Oldham. While the staff had hoped that this would include OCL’s sports centre and local gyms, the boys have taken this to mean McDonalds, KFC and Yum Yums jerk chicken!! We have revisited our lessons on sporting nutrition as a result…

The group have really enjoyed the freedom that Medtia offers and are showing real maturity in going out for lunches and integrating with other pathways at lunchtime should they choose to remain on site.

On Mondays and Tuesdays our time is spent concentrating on our core subjects of Maths, English and IT. All these lessons take place in our Medtia classrooms which Activ8 have personalised to give them a more sporting feel with posters and pictures around the respiratory system, nervous system and various exercise slogans and motivational posters..


Our real work begins on Wednesday morning when we join together with our Key Stage 4 Activ8 teammates and embark on our Duke of Edinburgh lessons which this week involved a trek across the moors of Saddleworth, undertaking a section of the Oldham Way..

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The group walked a total of 5.5km from Denshaw to the top of Marsden moor. A windswept day had some of us struggling with keeping hold of our maps. Map reading is a huge part of our Duke of Ed lessons to ensure that we follow the paths and don’t wander off course when we are on our qualifying expeditions later in the year..

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The group learn about many facets of life as part of our DofE lessons and it is a hugely valuable qualification to have. The teamwork on show on Wednesday was a joy to see, not only within the group but also helping other members of the Learning Centre group who join us..


Wednesday afternoons are another highlight of the week. Last year we were lucky enough to be given the opportunity to play full contact Rugby League. Currently Activ8 are the only group in school who play contact rugby and they respond to the trust shown in them to do this sensibly and safely..

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Mr Greenway ensures our first few weeks concentrate on learning the correct techniques for tackling safely and falling to protect yourself..

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We are also looking forward to what is now our annual ‘lads night out’ to the Super League grand final at Old Trafford on Saturday. Pictures and a report to follow next week…!!

Thursday is another very ‘Activ’ day as we take a trip down to Alexandra Park to be put through our paces by Mr Lawrence as we undertake the challenge of ‘park run’, concentrating on different aspects of fitness and again joining together with our younger Key Stage 4 teammates..


This week we concentrated on interval training using the stairs as our ‘work station’ and resting on the loop round..

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Thursdays continue with our trampolining lessons with Mrs Tootill at school..

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..followed by swimming..

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The boys worked especially hard this week and showed fantastic teamwork and leadership skills throughout, well done! We would also like to take this opportunity to welcome back Nathan after his ‘loan spell’ at school.

Keep your eyes peeled for more updates from Activ8 as the year progresses..


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