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We’re all very excited about our coffee morning on Friday 21st October! Invitations have gone home to families at school, the Learning Centre and Medtia Square and we are really looking forward to welcoming our visitors, catching up with old friends and making new ones – we hope you can come and spend some time with us (and yes, there is always plenty of cake!)

We’re trying something new here – Mrs Lamb has asked all her curriculum leaders to provide some pictures each week to share with you. There will be a different subject focus for each blog, this week it’s the turn of Maths team and they have sent some great images that clearly demonstrate the learning and enjoyment in class.

Mr Holban says that his Year 9 group “are studying a GCSE topic, ‘Ratio and proportion’, with confidence, hard work and enthusiasm and they are able to answer exam related questions..”


His Year 10 class has been working on Level 1, subtracting small numbers up to 20 using counters, cubes and other objects. They first learned to use subtraction vocabulary and how to write a number sentence using the subtraction symbol, then how to subtract small numbers using objects..


Mrs Millard’s group have been concentrating on correct number formation, addition using objects and teen numbers. Ellen and Matthew were set the challenge of creating all the teen numbers from 10-20 using base 10 (tens and units) – they persevered and conquered the challenge. Ellen really impressed Mrs Millard with the use of her communication aid to partition the tens and units, confidently telling her how to do this and then moving her own learning forward by creating a range of 2-digit numbers using the base 10. Well done, everyone!

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Next week it’s the turn of the English department to share pictures of our young people in action during an English lesson – watch this space!

The CTZN project was back in school on Thursday but this time it was to do some serious work. Hayley and her team met with Mr Bright and went to Medtia to work with some of our students. The subject matter was edgy with lots of material that led to an in-depth discussion and increased understanding. We were very impressed with the mature contributions made by our students in the workshop. You can find out more about what our Digit4ll pathway students have been up to here and our Activ8 pathway have treated us to a ‘week in the life of’ here..

The Learning Centre have held their first Student Council meeting and we are immensely proud of how our representatives articulated their fellow students’ views and debated a number of issues with maturity and confidence..


We will be bringing you reports from our student representatives in coming weeks after they were invited to share any news they may have, so look out for Steven and Zanub in Year 12, Keiffer and Christopher in Year 13, Kayleigh and Thomas in Year 14 and Leah, our rep. from Oldham Youth Council. You will also be able to meet them all in person at our coffee morning, yet another reason to come along and spend time with us at the Learning Centre!

As promised, here is a report from Mrs Thornhill on activities within EBase 1..

This week, the students in EBase 1 have made the most of the dry weather and have been tidying up their garden. Oliver, Jessica, Courtney, Dale and Oliver have done a fantastic job of painting the raised planter (and themselves) in a lovely colour chosen by Jessica.

As you can see from the smile on his face, Oliver really enjoyed this activity..


Just look at the concentration on Jessica’s face..


Courtney was really good at painting and covered a large area very quickly..


Dale enjoyed himself whilst painting and had a good old sing whilst on the job..


Oliver also enjoyed the painting, although he did insist on painting the same spot over and over again..


Job done – fantastic!! Well done, everybody!


It’s the time of year when we get the opportunity to observe lessons and it’s great to see our young people engrossed in their activities and clearly enjoying their learning. We’re also learning plenty ourselves along the way and keeping our numeracy and literacy skills up to scratch! We are looking forward to observing more hard work in lessons over the next few weeks.

Our Friday afternoon assemblies are always a very rewarding way to end the week and it was lovely to come together and share the achievements and successes of others.

We would like to thank families for your continued patience and understanding with the inconvenience caused by the building work being carried out to the Learning Centre roof – we are hopeful it will be completed soon.

We hope you have a lovely weekend,

Judith and Dawn

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