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As promised, our English department are going to share some of the work the pupils have been doing at school this week (and can we just say that we wish our English lessons had been like these!!)

Mrs Mayall starts us off with news from her groups….

Year 7 are learning about poems and have been exploring different types of poetry before we start our own shape poems next week..


Year 8 are reading George’s Marvellous Medicine. We are exploring the book and writing descriptive sentences and so far we have made our own potions and written instructions!

year-8-2 year-8-3 year-8

Year 9 have been looking at space. We have designed our own aliens and written character descriptions. This week we researched and created our own fact sheets about different topics relating to space..

year-9-2 year-9-3 year-9

Year 10 and Year 11 are following the OCR functional skills course and we are looking at holidays. We have researched the different types of holidays you can go on and holiday advertisements..


Miss Taylor’s classes have been busy too….

Year 8 have been listening to and following the story of ‘The Twits”. Today their task was to follow the instructions and put Mugglewump in his cage….lots of concentration by all!!


As part of their Autumn topic, Year 10 have enjoyed listening to and following the story of the “Stickman”. They were all able to create scenes from the story using play dough..


20160926_111708 20160926_111728 20160926_111734 20160926_111743

Shahmuneer was very pleased with himself as he found all the words with a ‘ck’ sound independently!


Miss Begum’s class have had a LOT of fun..

We are looking at the story “Aliens Love Underpants” and this week we have focused on dressing up and role play..

dsc05853jpg1 dsc05859jpg1 dsc05858jpg1 dsc05856jpg

The young people have tried different sized underpants and long johns as well as hiding aliens in different places..

dsc05862jpg1 dsc05865jpg1 dsc05864jpg1dsc05953

They have acted out scenes from the story..

dsc05825jpg1 dsc05819jpg1 dsc05817jpg1

..and even made their very own underpants..


Moving on from English, Mrs Hickman’s class had a very arresting start to the week when they were treated to a visit from PC John Hilldrup (although some of the staff were rather startled to see a police car pull up outside school!)..

img_2572 img_2582

Imran is fascinated by the work a police officer does and it’s fair to say that the rest of the class now share his interest..

img_2551 img_2554img_2557 img_2569img_2578

..even Matthew who is really frightened by loud sirens but bravely sat in the front seat of the police car and switched them on himself!!


You can see the rest of the wonderful pictures from PC Hilldrup’s visit here – we’re very hopeful he will be back to New Bridge soon as he sent us this lovely message afterwards: ‘Thanks for the invitation and the opportunity to meet some of your inspiring and interesting young people. I had a great time meeting them and answering the many questions they had. I hope they had as much fun as I did!’

Our Activ8 lads have also had a really good week which included a rugby session with their new friends from Spring Brook. You can find all the pictures from their lesson here but we thought you’d like an idea of how it went..

img_3910 img_6593 img_6589img_39144

This joint session was such a success that it looks like becoming a regular fixture, we’re not sure who enjoyed it the most! Mr Hopkins from Spring Brook was really pleased by how well everyone worked together and Mr Greenway was delighted to hear him call Activ8  ‘great role models’!! We can’t wait for next week  🙂

Another of our pathway groups, Lumenus, have been making the most of their new studio at Medtia Square as Mrs Chappell explains..

Lumenus have been looking at different historical drama styles over the last half term during their ‘Skills Days’. This week they have completed a short Moral Play inspired by Greed, one of the Seven Deadly Sins. David had the task of directing the play, concentrating on developing his ‘sensitive leading skills’. All the other students participated in creating, writing and performing the script focusing on skills such as moving and speaking simultaneously and developing a depth of character. We think they did a pretty good job!..

On Wednesdays students have been learning skills in preparation for an audition next week for the cast of our summer spectacular, Aladdin and Jasmine…… Who will be who?… Only the lamp knows!!! (if you are not impressed with that joke, it could have been worse – we were considering using “What kind of pet did Aladdin have? A flying car-pet”…..)

We are really looking forward to seeing families at our coffee morning on Friday and we very much hope you will be able to come and spend time with us all.

Have a lovely weekend,

Judith and Dawn

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