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The start of another half term means another level up on the pressure scale. That is particularly true this week as I had to endure yet another round of exams… One of the tasks that I had to complete on Friday afternoon was to imagine that I was writing a letter to the Prime Minister to suggest new legislation to improve the lives of young people. I’m sure for many that would mean the abolition of school and to sit at home and play Xbox all day. However, one idea that I have supported for a considerable length of time is the “Votes at 16” campaign. Central government often wonder why young people are so disillusioned with politics but it is easy to know why when 1.5 million people were not allowed a say in the biggest decision in a generation last June. Just look at what is happening in Scotland since the voting age was lowered – young people actively getting involved in democracy, having a role within society. Yet it is actually working – youth employment in Scotland is at its highest level since 2009, young people involved in crime is at its lowest in a generation. We are the future. Ignore the future then there may be no positive future.

Back to events at Medtia; Activ8 have FINALLY been given gym passes to increase fitness, as well as personal Fitbits to analyse our lifestyle choices. I cannot stress enough how thankful we are. I wrote in my School Council manifesto how I wanted Activ8 to be treated as professionals. 95% of the time, we are as professional as any sporting pathway in the country with our outstanding community work and our intensive fitness activities. This investment in our work, I hope, is only just the start.

Now that we have been given gym passes, this in theory should also mean healthy eating. The last few weeks have seen the wide range of food facilities enjoyed at Medtia narrowed down to a small number. I try and save McDonalds as a cheering up mechanism during those “Miserable Mondays”. Subway is a midweek treat, however I am wildly in love with Yum Yums Jerk Chicken on a Friday. Yet now Nando’s is opening in the Town Hall, you may see many New Bridge students heading for a “Cheeky Nando’s” in a short while….

As many of you are probably unaware, this week brings the end to a long, drawn out US Presidential campaign. One of the downsides to this campaign was being compared to Donald Trump by my peers – I am not sure if I should take that as a compliment? So much so, I actually considered arriving at Medtia on Tuesday morning wearing his famous red “Make America Great Again” cap. While I do not agree with all of Donald Trump’s policies, one thing he has done is encouraged young people into politics and that is a lot more than the majority of our politicians have done.

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