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I want to thank everyone who gave their critical acclaim for last week’s blog – I am so happy to hear of people who are interested in the proposals that I had to offer regarding the improvements of our new facility here at Medtia Square. It was refreshing to hear Mr Quinn’s blog on Friday regarding my proposals and I certainly would be very interested in discussing them with him in the near future…

The talk of New Bridge lately has been the introduction of the blogging version of the ‘Rumble of the Jungle’ between myself and our new Head Boy, Jack. His achievement in gaining 2000 views, 70 likes and a tonne of comments is unparalleled and I want to congratulate him for this. While I do admit to raising my game because of this new competition, we are both on the same team – Team New Bridge! I believe the student voice is going to be stronger than ever because of this! However, if there was going to be a winner in all this, I think we all know who that will be……..me!

Wednesday saw a highly educational and entertaining seminar from our friends at Oldham Theatre Workshop who taught us the dangers of legal highs through an outstanding production. What’s important to note is that legal highs are pure in their quality and it is impossible for the law enforcement to completely remove them from our streets which is scary. We have to police ourselves on the dangers that these drugs provide – make sure if anyone offers you any, say ‘no’ and report it to Crimestoppers.

I do apologise for a shorter blog than usual this week, however I do have somewhat of a not so major announcement to make. The last four years have been a whirlwind, going from being ‘The Ultimate Numpty’ of the Nurture Base to Head Boy, Sports Personality of the Year and, as of the end of this academic year, completing the most sought after qualification by employers in this country, The Duke of Edinburgh’s Gold Award. This meteoric and legendary rise has enabled me to complete a dream move to mainstream college to study a course that has been close to my heart since my childhood – Media. This move may seem completely at odds to the blog that was written only last week, however it does not matter if I am a student or an avid follower, I will always try to promote New Bridge in the best way I possibly can. For everything this organisation has done for me, I want to give as much as possible back. Also, I want to assure everybody that I have some entertaining ideas over the next seven months as the ‘King of the Blogs’ steps away from the throne. I certainly want to leave with an almighty bang!

Finally, someone recently put it to me that I would be deserving of a statue outside Medtia for all my hard work. As a modest man, I think a statue would be slightly too much, although it is nice to be honoured and thought of in such manner.

Have a good week,



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