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I apologise there was no blog last week as I spent the week at home a bit ill but I’m glad to be back to tell you all about a very action-packed week! It was great to see Mr Quinn, Mrs Lamb and Miss Allison’s and Matthew’s blogs all congratulating me on my success on my first blog. They also mentioned the competition but let’s just say I like to compete with myself and beat my own records I set in the beginning! I would also like to welcome Spring Brook to our multi academy trust, it will be great to see the three schools come together in the near future and work as a whole team.

It comes close to the time again which brings New Bridge together, the second annual Santa Stroll which our very own pupils and staff take part in and Activ8 do a sponsored run. We will be raising money for the school’s benefit to ensure pupils have a wonderful future and unforgettable experiences in their time at New Bridge. In other directions I would also like to promote the Digit4ll printing company ‘Enspire’, they have made a great start and hope to carry the success on.

Thursday saw a visit from Halifax rugby league player Luke Ambler to promote his campaign #ItsOkToTalk. Luke gave a presentation on the effects of mental health on people across the UK and his campaign to ensure people talk about their difficulties and make sure they get the right support. He hosted a workshop for the older Activ8 and Digit4ll students, it was great to see the two pathways mix and get to know each other a bit more and they all learned a lot from the presentation – always remember, “it’s ok to talk”.

Back to the main school and it was good to see Mr Hanif’s most excellent adventure in the History department with the Year 7s working on timelines and dinosaurs, it’s great to see they have enjoyed their first term at New Bridge! The Year 9s were working on the Second World War which always is a great topic to learn about, it brings back memories of my History lessons back in Year 7 with Mrs Foster.

Every Christmas there’s lots of activities with Christmas dinner and the school choir going out to local shops and singing for the school but the one thing everybody looks forward to is the staff talent show! It’s a tradition at New Bridge and a very good laugh and the host this year is going to be a notable great person – yes, it is me! I think it’s Mr Hickie’s time to shine….. Friday assembly saw Mrs Lamb revealing to the school my role as Head Boy and the new Head Girl, Kara, who I’m hoping will be involved in the blogs in the near future.

From reading Matthew’s blog last week when he revealed this is his final year with us as he moves onto college, the question is, who’s taking his place? I’m delighted to say I’ve submitted my own college applications and I will be moving on too but maybe a return in the near future, who knows? I tell the students at school the one thing you should be proud of the most is that you come from New Bridge and you inspire to achieve. And the one thing I have been proud of the most is that I am a member of Activ8, never forget where you come from!

Have a great week all!



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