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Another superb week at New Bridge, as always, with a lot happening – the Christmas Showcase, rugby, Commando Joe’s and many more activities. I would like to say thank you to everyone for making my first three blogs very successful, being Head Boy is the greatest role in the school and also being named the greatest Head Boy ever by certain people is such an accomplishment in itself, I’d like to thank everybody again for their fantastic support!

The week commenced with the Christmas Showcase where the students perform what they have learned this term in drama. They put on a great preformance and also it was great to see Hollinwood join in and take part along side New Bridge, hopefully we will see a summer show at the end of the year. I would like to add I’ve taken part in these shows before, who knows, I might still have one last show in me!!!

(The moment you’ve all been waiting for boys!) In our rugby this week we had our traditional Activ8 grand final… but it wasn’t just any grand final, it was the #BattleOfTheBlogs which saw Team Jack up against Team Matthew to determine the best…but we all knew who that was in the beginning *cough*. On Tuesday at Medtia Square we held our very own press conference with my manager, Lewis, and Matty’s team manager, Nathan, which turned out with me being Connor McGregor. Wednesday came round and the boys were very excited and couldn’t wait!! It was a very close game between the two teams but a last minute try came and the winners were……. TEAM JACK!!!!! All the battle of the blogs aside, the boys played with excellent team spirit and attitude for the game and I would like to congratulate my opponent Matthew for a great game.

On Thursday we had a visit from Commando Joe’s who ran sessions for different groups across the school. It was great to hear about the activities they run and the opportunities that are available for all young people across Oldham. Our younger Activ8 boys took part in the session which consisted of team skills, leadership and great communication – all of which Activ8 are well known for! I enjoyed the session, it got me to put my scouting skills on show, many thanks to Commando Joe’s!

In our leaders lesson we have been planning our Christmas activities day for Super Learning Day this week. The boys have put lot of thinking into it and are hoping to make it a success like last year and we hope the pupils from New Bridge and Hollinwood will enjoy it.

This Friday I’ll be publishing a special blog to inform you all what a festive and actioned packed week we’ve had. I won’t mention football this week until Pep decides to realise our defence is a shambles!!

Hope you all enjoy your week!



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