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While their new website is being developed, Spring Brook Academy will be sharing their news here. Find out what has been happening at the Upper School..

Our blog has been slightly delayed due to having such a busy week at Spring Brook Upper School! Although Key Stage 4 have not moved rooms unlike Key Stage 3, our pupils have still needed to adjust to the changes in the school day – the new 6 lesson day and different timings to our lessons. As a school we have looked at shortening our lessons to ensure that all our pupils have maximum learning time in all subject areas. All our young people have coped really well with this and both Mrs Thorpe and I are pleased with how our young people have adjusted to the new timetable and the changes.

Our blog continues to acknowledge and celebrate the work of our young people and this week we are focusing on Maths and Design Technology..

In Maths Key Stage 4 have been learning about interior and exterior angles of polygons. I have been particularly impressed with Matthew and Jordan’s algebraic generalisations for calculating the interior angles for any polygon..

Well done boys and keep looking for those patterns in Maths! Regan in our Key Stage 4 Nurture Group has been working hard on his AQA Entry Level portfolio and has now completed component 7. Mrs Roberts is extremely impressed with his attitude to learning this week in Maths – well done!

In Design Technology the pupils are making great progress with their projects. Lewis’ multi layered kennel is coming along nicely and Jordan’s bench is taking shape. Both boys are very proud of their projects..

Thanks to Mr Pidlyskyj and Mrs Needham for their input into this week’s blog.

Just before half term Key Stage 4 met with the local police and listened to a talk around knife crime and the importance of keeping safe. Unfortunately a technical hitch means we will have to bring you the pictures of the meeting in the next blog.

In the upcoming week we are meeting with the Department for Education regarding the Spring Board Project and we are beginning to look at the curriculum and what it will look like for our young people. Another exciting term ahead of us and lots of new developments which will give our young people a fantastic enhanced provision and curriculum!

So welcome back everyone, it’s good to see all our young people returning safely to school as the days get lighter.

Mrs Tootill
Head of Springboard Project

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