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It’s been another great week at New Bridge, more of a positive atmosphere with a lot of people in good spirits, less controversy on social media and people building more friendships.

Monday saw our GCSE PE team starting our rugby league analysis reports, finishing off our recordings and preparing for our exams – we’re all composed and ready for the tasks ahead.

Wednesday’s rugby session was quite interesting with Spring Brook but it had a painful ending when I finished up with a wonky nose. It’s no good charging at your opponent with power because it’ll come back to hurt you – Callum, your head is solid, my friend!

Since the beginning of Andy’s Man Club it has been a huge success and made some people a lot happier and more confident to speak out about their problems. As you know Mr Greenway has started our own branch of Andy’s Man Club just for New Bridge students at Medtia Square and he is now planning to set up a community group for people in Oldham to access at Oldham Sports Centre. Again, much credit to Mr Greenway and the fantastic work he puts in.

On Thursday we had a visit from Sale Sharks to run a wheelchair rugby session for fellow pupils in Year 9 and younger pupils from Hollinwood Academy. Myself and Matthew popped in to give the instructor a hand and we also tried to win £5 for Andy’s Man Club as New Bridge staff are organising a charity bike ride from school to Halifax! Thanks again to Sale Sharks for hosting a session for the young pupils.

In the sporting world we have the big rivalry between Conor McGregor and Floyd Mayweather, debating about the big fight and dropping huge hints that it’s going to happen. Well, there has also been another big debate about whether there is going to be a big rugby testimonial match at New Bridge between the Head Boy and our ‘Man of Medtia Square’! Ongoing plans are to be put in place to ensure this will happen #BattleOfTheBlogs2 – Matthew, I’ll see you on the pitch my friend!

Next week will be an exciting week consisting of Super Learning Day and the New Bridge Talent Show (yes, I’m the host again!) which may feature a suprise appearance, and Activ8 will be hosting Easter games for the whole school. Good luck to Activ8 Key Stage 4 who undertake their Bronze DofE expedition this Tuesday, make us proud boys! There is also coffee morning on Friday and I’ll be at the door to greet parents and carers. Any enquiries or issues you may have, feel free to see me and I’ll listen to your enquiry.

I hope you all have a fantastic weekend – hopefully my nose will straighten up!



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