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rsz_1matthew_walkerWelcome back, those two weeks have certainly flown and suddenly the focus has switched to what I always call the most important term of the academic year. A term that sees the hard work shown through the cold winter months get celebrated in true New Bridge fashion. For some people, including myself, this is the beginning of the end. A time to work hard during examination season gaining those all-important grades before reaching the next step. In the last few weeks, I have been thinking of ideas to celebrate my last ever blog – one of the ideas was to host a live podcast. However, for some people the next step could be joining this very building that I am currently part of, so over the next few weeks I am going to compile all the information you need about Medtia Square and present it in this blog to ease nerves. There is no need to be nervous about joining the Town Centre site, especially when all three of the pathways are a tight-knit family who will help you along the way.

The first day of term and as anticipation was raised regarding a certain Prime Minister’s statement (more on that later), the screeching horror that is the fire alarm made its first intervention of the year. The fire alarm always used to trigger a panic attack for me; I always used to hate the weekly 10am fire drill at my old primary school! However, the screeching horror is important to make sure a quick yet orderly evacuation takes place. Trust me, I was out of the building before I could smell the burnt toast which obviously caused it!

This week has seen me discuss this blog with various people. It is a shame that we are still one of the very few schools in this region that has blogs representing the school’s student body. Hopefully one day, a student body network from students across the North West can be built to discuss the challenges that young people face as a community. I have never done this blog for personal gain. It is all about empowering young people. We are the next generation and our voice must be heard. Also, it’s about talking about breaking down the barriers that young people will face, whether that is by promoting positive uses of social media, removing the stigma that has unfortunately come with mental health or having an opinion on our care strategies. At my old school, I had spent years struggling with a system that didn’t meet my needs and I cannot possibly let it happen to the next generation and beyond. I often like to keep this blog light-hearted and fun. However, I have this opportunity with the blog to discuss things that will help others. This is something that I am passionate about. Yet, next year they will be no blog from me, no blog from Jack and there will be fresh students who I am sure will do a great job in representing our great organisation. However, the fight will go on! New Bridge will continue to break barriers to help people in need. Innovative ideas such as the Employability pathway will help us gain the skills we need to gain employment at a time when youth unemployment is still high.

Great passion was shown across the pathways as the Prime Minister called a general election for the 8th June. Allowing 16-year-olds to vote in this election is something that I believe is in the interest of our great country. It is wrong not to allow us those rights. As you know, I love a good debate and I have some very good ideas for reforming our country and in this crucial period, maybe I should start a private blog not only to help our editor out as I can get too controversial sometimes but also as a bit of an outlet and a distraction whilst in the middle of exam season.

As some of you may be aware, my dodgy knee has struck again causing all sorts of problems which led to the decision that I could not participate in this week’s DofE Gold practice expedition. This was not a decision that I wanted to take – I would have loved to be with the rest of the boys sleeping in those frigid temperatures because that’s why we all love the qualification. However, it wouldn’t have been wise of me to go ahead on this expedition with my current predicament. I am certain that I will be fully fit for the main event in June.

Have a good week,



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