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Phew, it’s hot! I’m not complaining though and I’m hoping to have some more sunshine during the week off. Well, this has certainly been a week of extremes and I think all of our school family has experienced a wide range of emotions after the tragic events that unfolded on Monday night. We have taken time to talk to the children in assemblies this week and answered any questions that we have been able to. It is important that they are able to be open about their fears and that we reduce those anxieties wherever possible. We have also used assemblies to celebrate the beautiful things in our world and highlight the kind and considerate acts that people of all faiths and nationalities carry out daily. The children all took part in the national 1 minute silence.

On a brighter note, we have continued with our learning right up until the end of this half term but there have been lots of fun activities as part of that. I was lucky enough to spend some time with Class 2 and I set them the task of building a marble run. All they had was a stack of paper and some sellotape and they had to work in teams to build the longest run. Lee was on a mission, working alongside Christopher, Kyle and I buddied up (I think ours was the best, not that I’m biased!) and Shaun, Callum and Kian worked together too. Kieran helped by finding videos of some examples online which we watched to pick up tips about how to reinforce the sides or turn corners. The boys worked really well together and showed a lot of perseverance, particularly Lee who was in his element!

Abu came to share with me his success on an iPad programme we use called TT Rockstars. One of the national curriculum targets is that all children will know multiplication facts up to 12 x 12 by the end of Year 4. This game is a great way to help them practise and all of our pupils have a log on that they can use at home too. As they progress, they obtain a new status – trying to work their way up to being a ‘Rock God’. You can choose to play in your ‘garage’, a studio, an arena or at a festival, depending on how many answers you answer correctly in a certain time. Abu started off as an ‘unsigned artist’ and is now a ‘support act’. His goal is to have learned them all by September so that we can enter him into regional competitions against other schools during the next school year. He is certainly determined enough to succeed..

You may remember that a few weeks ago, Mr Mullins took his class to the Yorkshire Sculptor Park for the day as they had been learning about 3D models. It was their turn today and after all putting their individual ideas on paper, they decided that as a group they would make a model of Mr Mullins himself! They knew that he is studying for a Masters Degree and found out what he would look like on his graduation day. Here is their model of him, complete with cap and gown and his degree certificate!

Class 3 have continued their learning about the Romans and have been making the different purses and satchels that slaves and soldiers would have used. Kyle and Xavier have worked hard on making this satchel that was carried around on the wooden post, as you can see in this photo..

Class 1 have been designing cushions and as I mentioned earlier have been practising basic stitches. This week has seen them add the final touches to them and I think there are some very lucky Mums who will be receiving an extra special gift this weekend. Leo chose to make his for his cousin and embroidered some of his favourite things on the front. I particularly like the way Rhianna has made the jar of Kenco Coffee on hers!

They have also made the most of the lovely weather to do some of their Maths learning outdoors and you can see them here using a variety of tools to take some accurate measurements..

Mrs Fisher must have chosen the worst possible day of the year to do her Science experiments, as it was also the hottest …. and mixing vinegar and milk in a boiling classroom was not the best idea, perhaps?? They were doing this to predict which changes were reversible and which were irreversible….but I do have to agree with the children and say the smell was really bad. They will definitely remember it, though!

Finally, Class 6 brought their Under the Sea topic to an end with a fantastic day out at the Sea Life Centre. They saw lots of animals including turtles, starfish (which they got to touch), a shark and the real Nemo, or so I am reliably informed. Lucy was very excited about seeing the Puffer Fish and she does an excellent impression of one if you ask her!

Thanks to our older pupils at the Upper School too who have been completing some Peer Mentoring hours with our younger pupils. It was lovely to see Ethan, Connor and Jameel who I must say worked brilliantly with Classes 5 and 6 – thanks lads, it was great to see you as always.

Have a fantastic week and stay safe everyone, see you on Monday 5th June.

Toni Thomason
Head of School

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