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I have had a great week here at Spring Brook which has included meeting with our lovely governors to complete audits on safeguarding and educational visits. The governors have been pleased with the policies and procedures in place here.

Mrs Tootill and I have enjoyed teaching in food technology lessons this week. I have been so impressed with SBA2 who have harvested and made rhubarb chutney to sell at our market stall. Watch this space for details of the coffee morning and market stall..

The pupils have enjoyed learning about sustainability and Jameel was careful to put the rhubarb leaves into the compost heap…

Jameel has also been busy growing strawberries; watch this space for strawberry jam next week!

SBA2 have been working hard in Science making crystals. Let’s have a look at the boys being really focused on their learning..

I went into the Science lab and found SBA2 working really hard making slime – just look at this creation:

SBA1 have also worked hard in Science:

A note from Mrs Daniels:
All classes in Key Stage 3 have had the best week ever in Science. We have made slime and started to grow crystals and we have even harvested some rhubarb from our growing allotment, and worked across the curriculum in food tech. to make rhubarb chutney with our home grown rhubarb. We plan to sell it at a coffee morning with some other home made products to raise money for the Red Cross fund for the victims of the Manchester attack. Watch this space…….

Well done Key Stage 3, you have had the best week ever – I am so proud of you!!!!!! Our Key Stage 3 Nurture Group have been busy too..

A great week in our room again this week, with NK moving on to full days. Mark has been on the Disney trip and sounds like he’s had an amazing time. All the boys have been working very hard this week on a new Maths topic, with Wayne helping James with bar charts. James has completed a bag with a Manchester United’s crest which he traced and coloured..

In Art with Miss Tokelove the boys have designed and painted graffiti names for the classroom wall..

The boys have missed out on food tech. lessons due to exams taking place but this week we managed to make shortbread biscuits. We can confirm that these were delicious as the boys gave some out to staff before taking the rest home..

During the Art and Craft lesson Wayne found some cardboard boxes and wanted to make a robot to take home to play with his little sister..

Finally, Year 9 have really missed Mr Daly while he has been with Year 8 and Mrs Thorpe at Disneyland Paris. We look forward to welcoming them all back into school next week but just look how much fun they had!

You can see more pictures in our Facebook album here.

Have a great weekend,

Miss Rodgers
Head of Site

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Mr Quinn has been with the children on the Disneyland Paris residential this week but you can view his previous blog entries here


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