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A very active week for the children at Spring Brook Primary and one in which they’ve experienced lots of new things!

I mentioned last week that we’ve started working with a coach from Manchester City. Well, Tuesday saw us able to enter our very first tournament which involved taking two classes of children to the Manchester City Arena, an absolutely fantastic training facility. Our boys were just super and represented the school very well indeed. I also received a phone call from City afterwards commending our staff team saying the way they had supported and encouraged the children was a pleasure to see. How lovely to receive this kind of acknowledgement from external organisations! I’m pleased to say that the boys played well (once we’d made a younger one understand that he only tackles the opposition, not his own team!) and they won all 7 of their games. The highlight of their day though was undoubtedly meeting two real life Premier League footballers who had gone down to the event to support the children in the tournament. You can see pictures of the day here along with the group rubbing shoulders with Yaya Toure and somebody I am informed is De Bruyne (I’m a United fan!). As you can imagine, the children are very excited to go again and are counting down the days already..

We have had lots of fantastic learning going on this week – Class 2 have started reading Great Expectations with Mr Cruz and to better understand the characters’ feelings and emotions, the boys had a role play session where they became Pip and Magwitch from the book. They used a play script and added their own interpretations of the way the characters spoke and reacted..

In Science the boys are looking at Electricity and they made their own circuits. They made predictions as to how increasing the voltage in the circuits would affect a light bulb, buzzer and motor..

Class 1 have been showing me Maths using dominoes and have started to do Yoga each morning to help them settle down to learn. Class 3 were making their own Rangoli pictures and you can see Kaiden proudly showing his off. Hasn’t he done a fantastic job?

Class 4’s teacher, Mrs Makin, has shared with us some photos of their work this week. In Maths, they have been learning to count 1 more and 1 less, using blocks to help them..

They have been learning the alphabet in literacy..

..and Science has looked very exciting as they’ve been learning all about their senses. They shared with me that you use your nose to smell, your tongue to taste, your eyes to see and your ears to listen and then practised using two of these senses on Friday afternoon when they were blindfolded to smell lots of different things..

Class 6 have also been very busy and here are a selection of photos showing you how hard they have been working. In RE, they are learning about Diwali and have been making some lamps which are a part of the celebration..

In Science, they have had to investigate and decide whether an item is powered by mains electricity or by battery. Some of their findings surprised them!

Friday was a lovely end to the week because we were able to host our annual Macmillan Coffee Morning. Lots of children had been busy baking and Christopher stayed behind a couple of nights with me and we had a go at making some Minecraft themed cakes!  I think we did quite well, although Christopher’s most used line was “Is that leftovers, Miss?” which definitely meant “Can I eat that bit?”

We had an excellent turn out once again and are delighted to share that we made a fantastic £110!  What a fantastic effort for such a small school! Thank you to family, friends and ex-staff who all made the effort to come and support us. It’s so lovely to have the opportunity to have a more informal catch up with all at events like these..

We have had an extra treat this week by having some of our Year 7s coming to help out. Lee has been a superstar and helped set up and serve at the coffee morning, and Lucy and Kobi were so excited when Connor and Keal came back to visit on Friday afternoon. They also brought Wayne for his first visit…and we had Lewis earlier on in the week. It’s so rewarding to see them continue their journeys but still enjoy coming back to visit us.

One last plug before I go … New Bridge Group has its own Lottery. There is a weekly local prize of between £60 and £100 and then a weekly national prize with other schools across the UK of £25,000! Better odds than the National Lottery and it’s only £1 for entry into both lotteries. If you would like to support this, then please click here.

Hope you all have a great week!

Toni Thomason
Head of School

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