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Well, it’s the last day of the first half term and what a busy half term it has been! We have launched our extremely successful pre-internship pathway and the building is busier than ever.

This week, I once again had the opportunity to visit many of our young people on placement and this time I was accompanied by a professional photographer, who has taken some fantastic images of our students working in the community – we will be sharing these soon! A highlight this week was in Tesco over in Greenfield where I went to see David, who is on the Future Finders course on his check out. I approached two customers who he was serving to explain who I was and why we were there with a photographer. They immediately went into an impassioned speech about how amazing David was and how they come in at a certain time to ensure that David is working and can serve them! This was followed by another rave review from David’s manager, who I hadn’t met before but who has worked with David over several months and who has seen massive improvements. He was raving about David and says he’s just one of the team now and as soon as a job comes up it is his! Fingers crossed it’s soon David!

We do have some very exciting news to come after half-term relating to our first paid outcome of the year! I can’t reveal who it is yet as we are finalising details and contracts but it is extremely exciting to get such an amazing outcome so early in the academic year!

This week I also met with Donna Lewis from the local authority. Donna has been paramount in the success of our Future Finders course and is working with us to ensure that we make a smooth transition from our current franchise arrangement with Manchester College to setting up as an independent college, which will open in September 2018. I will keep you updated on our progress throughout the year, but needless to say that the demand is bigger than ever with 18 students already expressing an interest in joining the course next September.

Now, over to The Atrium for ‘A day in the life of…..’ where this week we are following Chris from our pre-intern group. Over to you Chris…

A day in the life of Chris

Café Assistant, The Atrium Café

My first job is to wash my hands and put on my apron. I wash my hands because I will be handling food and my apron keeps my clothes clean..

We use a special sink in the kitchen which is just for hands and we use anti-bacterial handwash..

I go and help on the till if it is busy and get help giving the change to customers. I am polite to the customers and understand I have to say please and thank you..

When I have taken the customer’s order I go into the kitchen and give it to the cooks who prepare the meals or sandwiches..

One of my other jobs for the day is stocking the fridge with drinks. We sell lots of cold drinks and I sometimes do this twice a day..

I also stock the trolley up for the trolley run when I go around the offices and sell drinks and snacks..

There are two floors of offices and lots of people working, I ask them if they would like a snack or a drink and put money in the cash till and give them change if they need it..

These are my jobs for the day, it keeps me very busy!

This week’s Worker of the Week is Tamara from the pre-intern group. Tamara is also on placement at The Atrium Café and it’s fair to say that she had a tricky start to the year but she has overcome many of her teething problems and has done the most fantastic job this week at the café, where she made 2 cheesecakes that have been on sale to our customers! Great feedback all round. Well done Tamara!

This afternoon we held our first half-termly meet up for our former Future Finders students. It was lovely to see Callum and Alice and catch up with their news. Two years on from Future Finders Alice continues to volunteer independently at the Oldham Coliseum. Callum who left us in July is now working at the Boathouse café!

When we return after half term we will be hosting our open evening at Medtia from 5pm to 6.30pm on Tuesday 14th November. This is for new students who may wish to join Future Finders or young people interested in New Bridge Horizons in September. Our parents’ evening for our pathways and pre-internship students will be on Wednesday 29th November.

All that remains to say is have a wonderful half term! I am going straight to the airport to fly out to sunny Dubai! I am really excited to be taking with me a number of letters from some of our pupils over at Hollinwood Academy who have made ‘pen friends’ over in the UAE! I shall photograph my hand over and report back after the holidays!

Director of Employment & Co Head of Site at Medtia Square

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