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As she retires, Judith would like to leave us with one last post….

What a lovely end to the school term we’ve had! The last week’s festivities were top notch. Super Learning Day went without a hitch on Monday and was a wonderful success. The day began with a whole school assembly where we learnt about Christmas throughout the world.

Class teams then investigated the ways Christmas is celebrated in different countries and even learnt the art of making Polish cribs or szopka. This is a Christmas tradition originating from Kraków, Poland, and dating back to the 19th century. An unusual and characteristic feature of the szopka is the use of the historical buildings of Kraków as backdrop for the Nativity of Jesus. You can see our young people’s wonderful interpretations in their creations..

Mr Cooper sang his heart out with the young people all day long as they learnt Christmas carols from around the world. Mr Cooper was amazing it must be said, and the enjoyment was evident from the smiles on the pupils’ faces and their very enthusiastic singing! Mrs Lund organised some Christmas food from around the world and we tasted mince pies, chocolate brioche, panetone, stollen and gingerbread..

We then returned to the theatre for some festive carols from around the world and it was a truly magical end to the day. Our New Bridge young people are always fantastic and motivate us to deliver the very best outcomes….if you haven’t yet seen Daniel’s blog with news of our latest Future Finders’ employment success (the fourth young person to secure a job this term!), please click here to read it.

We also have some more of our New Bridge Elf Reports to share with you..

You may remember that the Nurture Base have been working hard on their History this term with a WWI project.  Ernie the Elf has been very busy indeed in the Nurture Base this past week helping not just our pupils in all aspects of their learning but helping our country too. Ernie wowed everyone in the Nurture Base with his bravery and courage – he fought in the trenches..

..was nearly caught sleeping on duty, oh dear!

..but redeemed himself by flying a daring mission, cruising at 36,000 feet in his Lancaster bomber..

After all that hard work the class decided he had definitely earnt a massage. Good work, Ernie!

Our New Bridge Elves have been popping up all over the school..

Eric the Elf came to visit IB1 for the day. He was waiting for us when we arrived and joined in with our morning routine and breakfast club. He was really impressed with Rachael; she did some fantastic looking and managed to find all her friends’ pictures for the morning wall..

Eric was very pleased he was in time for breakfast club..

Tasleema was really engaged! She even reached out to say hello to Eric. Eric played the tambourine and listened to all the staff singing. He was really impressed with all their signing..

After break time Eric went with the class to Art where he made himself very useful. He helped Georgia to glitter her moon..

..and Tasleema to rip up paper for her collage..

After Art Eric shook off the glitter and went to Science before we could warn him. Poor Eric was scared for his life! Mr Fieldhouse clamped him high up in the air above a Bunsen burner..

Eric stayed very still. He bravely listened to Georgia play the keyboard until he could be rescued..

..and when he was eventually freed, Eric had a turn playing some Christmas favourites too..

Eric much preferred the next lesson, making and decorating gingerbread men (much safer!) He saw some fantastic independent work with the students following simple instructions and showing excellent choice making. He was very, very impressed!

Eric really wanted to play in all that lovely icing sugar but Rachael kept a close eye on him!

After dinner time Eric joined in with the IB staff to help rehearse their Christmas Stars in your Eyes performance. It wasn’t quite a ‘WOW moment’ but I’m sure they will do lots of practising..

The class were very sorry to see Eric leave at the end of the day..

Eric spent the following day with Mrs Sheehy’s Year 9 class..

All the students in this class group are a bit giddy today as they’re really pleased to meet me. I’ve been keeping my eye on the group and they are such a kind and thoughtful class. They are mostly very well behaved but as they are a group of teenage lads they can sometimes be rather excitable!

They all really love Christmas and the celebrations and have been working very hard to create decorations for their Christmas table – they have made a centre piece and a table runner and are making reindeer hats this morning!! Wow, such hard workers….

I have to mention one young man in particular who has made me very welcome in the class. Matthew has talked to me and made sure my visit to 9HSY has been very comfortable. A very big thanks to Matthew!

Well done 9HSY for being hard workers, lots of fun, and being a fab bunch of lads!

Eric had rather a messy time in IB2..

We played the ‘Wotsit game’ where you have to catch cheesy puffs on a head full of shaving foam (!!). Some students enjoyed this more than others, Jayden definitely being one of them!

Maryam enjoyed spending time out of her wheelchair and exploring the snow scene and mirror..

Mrs Connolly came to join in with the games and enjoyed participating in the ‘Wotsit game’ although she was NOT impressed when Miss Ward ‘pie-faced’ her at the end..

And they say that elves are naughty!!

I was delighted to present two prizes this week, one for the pupil who collected the most sponsors for our Santa Stroll…..well done, Sean!!

The other prize was for the best Christmas jumper and Iona won this, not just for her own jumper but also for thoughtfully bringing in another jumper from home for one of her friends who didn’t have one..

On Friday we promised you pictures of our Christmas dinner and here are just a few for you to enjoy..

On Tuesday afternoon we ended the term with a whole school ‘Stars in Your Eyes’ performance. This is a real highlight and is filled with gems of routines and acts delivered by pupils and staff alike. The talent on display is staggering and we always have a wonderful time; my thanks go to our premises team for putting out all the chairs, the ICT team for the accompanying technology and Mr Thompson for the producing and directing.

I would like to thank my entire pupil focused, dedicated and caring staff team for the support they have shown me over the years. I have endeavoured to promote an open door policy that is intrinsic throughout our school community. This, I feel, has enabled pupils and staff to feel safe, secure and positively individual within school.

I’m convinced that Mr Lyons will be amazing as the new Head of New Bridge School. I wish him all the very best in his new role here – I am sure he will love it as much as I did.


We would like to thank Judith for all her hard work and the incredible contribution she has made to school over the years. We are sure you will join us in wishing her all the very best for her retirement.

You can find all Judith and Dawn’s previous blog entries here.


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