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We’ve had a great time at Holiday Club today, as you will see..

Mrs Allen and Bobby-Joe kicked off this morning’s dance activities with a quick warm up..

Here’s Chris looking like he is ready to start his improvisation routine. We aren’t sure who needs to work on their timing, Chris or everybody else?

Joseph was very careful preparing his oats to make some chocolate flapjacks – we hope he made enough for us all!

Tara was thinking on her feet and chopped up the butter so it melted quicker. Watch out Mary Berry, this one’s a natural..

Kausar and Sean started off their mornings on the computers in their favourite seats. Kausar is listening to his favourite music, whilst Sean brushes up on his Geography..

Joshua kicked off his day on the Xbox in his Oldham Athletic shirt. Let’s hope they are better on the Xbox than they are in real life, Josh!

The boys roll up their sleeves and get stuck in this morning. They must really want these chocolate flapjacks!

..although we think Anthony drew the short straw with the washing up..

Cordelia and Sophie lead the way in dance class as everybody takes it in turns to do their own individual routine. It’s a 10 from Len!!!

Half term means one thing – relaxing! Joseph showing us earlier how it should be done. We wouldn’t start worrying about those wrinkles just yet though, Joseph..

Everybody got involved in the game of water polo after break. Here is Pradeep racing towards the ball to score another goal, our man of the match today..

Anthony, stop posing and shoot!

After lunch Callum, Joseph, Alan and Anthony had just enough time for a quick trip to Japan to become sumo wrestlers..

Judging by the amount of time they all spent on the floor though,  they might not be be rushing back!

Hannah offered to make us some more chocolate flapjacks this afternoon as the first batch didn’t even last until lunch time!

Our engineers Sarah-Jane and Pradeep hard at work this afternoon with the construction flakes, we wonder what they are making?

Sam, what on earth is that!? Oh it’s just the jelly bath. Let’s hope we never have to have a real bath in that..


We’re looking forward to more Holiday Club fun tomorrow!  🙂


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