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This week we have found more jobs, met Prince William and started transition visits for next year – yet another bonkers but brilliant week at Medtia Square!

On Tuesday, our Digit4ll boys travelled over to Liverpool where they were invited to attend the HSBC International Business Festival at the Liverpool Convention Centre as a result of their work this year with Young Enterprise. Mr Bright explains how their day went..

We arrived around 10am, had our royal brief and then had some time to walk around the different exhibitions and learn about business of the future. Lewis took in the daily news..

Mitchell experienced how VR is going to affect the world of business..

The group listened to the hard sell for a product called Chill Buddy..

..and then waited for the arrival of the special VIP guest, Prince William!!

Prince William was very interested in the way we’ve set up our enterprise at school. He stayed and chatted with the students for about 10-15 minutes (I’m sure he ran over time!) Mitchell chewed his ear off for ages..

I thought it was a very surreal experience but let’s find out what the students made of it all..

  • Lewis said, “It was an honour and an experience I will never forget”
  • Mitchell found it wasn’t how he expected, “Meeting the future king was very nerve-racking and his personality was a surprise to me. He seemed like a regular person”
  • Luke said “It was a bit scary”
  • Joshua asked “When can I have my mini-cheddars?”

It really was a fantastic day and an experience we will never forget. We were able to meet and talk to lots of different businesses and one even came over to us later to say how impressed they were at the questions Mitchell had asked about what they’d done at school and how they’d managed to get their business started – the most intelligent grilling they’d had all day, apparently!

A huge congratulations to the boys and all of Digit4ll for such an impressive year with their business. I can’t wait to find out how much money I have made on my shares!!

Across all of our pathways, we have begun transition visits for the young people who will be joining us in September. We will be holding an open evening for families on Monday 2nd July. Further information can be found here. This will be a fantastic opportunity for parents to come and see our site and to speak to key staff around our provision. We look forward to seeing you all then!

Now we have a bit of an update on Terry, who you may remember got a job earlier this year at Oldham Library. Over to you, Terry..

Terry – An Update from Me!!
Oldham Library

I am a few months into my paid traineeship at Oldham Library and I am really enjoying it. No two days are ever the same and I get to do loads of different things. I help people with the computer systems that we have..

I have been busy checking the reservations that people have made for books..

I have been opening the barriers to let in workers and deliveries..

..and making telephone calls to deal with any technical issues that I can’t deal with at the front desk..

I help customers having issues with their library cards, checking out books and even pointing them in the direction of other services that they may require outside of the library. It can get busy – especially around lunchtime – but that just makes the days go more quickly.

I have learnt so much and grown in confidence within the role. I love my time here, I enjoy it so much and I am busy all the time and really enjoy what I do….with the added bonus that today is someone’s birthday, so there is cake!

I hope everyone is well at Medtia. I am calling in on Monday to do some paperwork with my Job Coach so that I can complete my Employability Level 1 qualification. See you soon!

And more good news… this week for Daniel, one of our Future Finders who started his new paid job on Wednesday! Over to you Daniel for an update..

Daniel – First day at my NEW JOB!!!!!!!!!
Office Cleaner for Engie 

I am so happy!!!! Today I found out that I had gained employment, working for Engie as an office cleaner based with a company in Royton. It all happened so fast; I attended an interview this morning with a recruitment company and within a couple of hours I had received the call informing me I had been successful and asking me if I could start this afternoon!!!! With the support of my Job Coaches, we got everything in place and I arrived for my first shift at 3pm.

It all started with me beginning to understand the various cleaning materials that I had to use. Before I started, I cleaned out the cleaning cupboard, making sure all the equipment I would need was easily accessible and then I began to prepare the materials following the COSHH procedures and what exactly I had to clean..

There were so many different tasks that I had to complete, from mopping to vaccing, wiping down all the surfaces and cleaning out the bathrooms..

I will be being supported by my Job Coaches over the next couple of weeks to make sure that I have settled in and to help me with any areas of the job I may struggle with. They will also go through route training with me so that I will be able to travel to and from my new job independently.

I have really enjoyed my first shift – I am looking forward to my next shift!! I will be working 3 evenings a week, so no early get ups for me!! I really think I am going to like it here!! Time for home now to rest up ready for my next shift.

Finally, an update from Colin on some of the work placements that have taken place this week..

This week students from Hollinwood, New Bridge and Spring Brook have accessed work experience at The Atrium Café where they have completed various different jobs.

They have worked together, keeping the dining area clean and tidy ready for the busy rush of customers at breakfast and dinner..

The students served customers and learnt new skills, including barista training on how to make fresh coffee..

..and they worked on money skills, using the till and giving change to customers..

Next on the agenda was re-stocking the drinks and snacks and also loading the trolley to take around the building to serve First Choice Homes staff while they work..

The students also prepared the meals for Medtia, writing the orders on the take away boxes..

Once all the jobs have been completed, the students get ready to return back to school..

All in a day’s work!

I hope you all have a fantastic weekend, it looks like it is going to be a scorcher. I shall be spending my weekend in Chester with some friends…we’re off to see Steps in concert! Don’t judge, they provided the soundtrack to me youth! Have a good one,

Director of Employment & Co Head of Site at Medtia Square

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