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Well, this is my penultimate blog of the year and although you might think that things should be slowing down, we have been as busy as ever!

On Tuesday, we held a transition day for the young people who will be moving on to our Bridging the Gap, Pre-Internship or Future Finders pathways next year. The students had the opportunity to look around some of the placements that are on offer to them and to meet their classmates and teachers for September.

On Wednesday, I met with the Adult Social Care team from Oldham Council to finalise the details of our supported employment programme that will launch in September and will be funded via social care. We are very much looking forward to getting started with this and we already have 7 young people signed up to start with us next term!

Yesterday was a great day of celebrations – the day started with the Bridging the Gap graduation at The Royal Oldham Hospital, our 8th to date! It was fantastic to meet the employees of the hospital who support our young people and to have the opportunity to thank them for their time, hard work and support. Bridging the Gap is such a brilliant training mechanism for our students, allowing them to gain the skills required to move into work. I was thrilled to be able to inform the guests at the event that every student from last year’s Bridging the Gap programme has gone on to paid employment over the past 12 months! Such a huge achievement that wouldn’t have been possible without employers like The Royal Oldham Hospital who continue to work with us and to support our employment programmes. Thank you to you all again!!

The day continued in a similar vein, when we held our termly steering group for Future Finders – an opportunity for our job coaches to meet with our partners from across the town including representatives from the council to update on how our young people are doing. So far, 7 of the young people on our Future Finders course have got a paid job, a couple have moved on to independent volunteering and a couple are still searching.

We are so proud of all of the young people! You have been an inspiration to us all this year and really deserve the success that you have all had! We have decided to offer a weekly job club to continue to support our Future Finders students over the summer, continuing to offer support to the few who haven’t yet been offered work. They are so close and we will continue to assist them in getting that dream job!

Now over to Tisha for an update on some of our work placements and a look at what’s next for some of our young people…

The Atrium Café – New Bridge Work Experience

Bobby-Joe, Covy and Joseph have continued their placement at The Atrium Café at First Choice Homes in Oldham. Our Year 11s worked very hard as a team without many prompts, picking up the routine of restocking the tea, coffee and sugar supplies in all the staff kitchenette areas on the different floors at First Choice Homes..

Covy was in charge of the tea canisters..

Joseph filled up the coffee..

..while Bobby-Joe made sure there was enough sugar and sweeteners..

Using their own initiative and following the routine they have learnt, the team led by Joseph soon completed their tasks in all 6 kitchenette areas within the building..

Their next job was sorting out the deserts ready for Horizons staff and students which are collected from the Atrium each day. You can see how much Bobby-Joe enjoys this task!

Joseph likes writing the lunch names on the food containers in preparation for the Horizons dinners..

Next it was on to the trolley run – all set!

They all enjoyed taking turns pushing the trolley and asking the First Choice Homes staff if they would like to buy a mid-morning snack before lunchtime before they headed back to do a spot of cleaning. The drinks fridge looked spotless after Covy and Joseph had tidied it up and given it a good polish..

Covy has been learning money skills by counting the cash from the snack shop moneybox back into the till..

..and tallying up the snacks bought this morning with a little help from Toni who works front of house..

As you can see, Covy, Joseph and Bobby-Joe have really enjoyed working at the Atrium and were very proud to have their last picture taken with all the Atrium staff, Becky, Toni and Sammy..

Our Learning Centre students Abdul and Kieran have also been busy at the Atrium this week. Here they are preparing for the trolley run on Monday morning..

When he started his placement, Abdul was shy and did not want to speak to customers but he is now full of confidence when greeting members of First Choice Homes staff and asking Atrium staff if they would like any help..

The trolley run is Kieran and Abdul’s favourite task..

Kieran has been practising his money skills which have noticeably improved and he can now provide customers with the correct change..

Abdul and Kieran have definitely been the whizz kids of the trolley run – they even had to slow down a couple of times!

Kieran has been encouraged to greet people using manners and he has learnt to listen to others and work as part of a team, following instructions..

Kieran will be joining Bridging the Gap at the Royal Oldham Hospital in September while Abdul will be leaving us to go to Oldham College. Abdul will also be working in his father’s restaurant part-time where he will be able to put all his new skills to good use! We can’t wait to hear how they get on  🙂

Tonight it is the prom for our leavers! I am looking forward to a boogie and I am sure it will be a memorable evening for all of the young people leaving us next week.

Have a wonderful weekend,

Director of Employment & Co Head of Site at Medtia Square

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