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So, today was the start of our second week of Holiday Club and we had plenty of great activities to look forward to over the day.

Anthony and Joseph enjoyed an early morning race around the playground on the scooters…Anthony going well in 1st, with Joseph just trailing in 2nd place..

..closely followed in 3rd by Corey..

..but who’s this racing up in 4th, Mr Edwards! Not quick enough this time, Mr E!

Bobby-Joe proved the quickest of them all though, finishing the race in 1st place and enjoying a lap of honour around the playground – even our nifty cameraman couldn’t keep up with him!

Meanwhile, Mrs Hickman was busy with her group crafting some fantastic Salt Dough creations. First step, make a mess, no, we mean make the dough!

The concentration on Jade’s face – she’s a Salt Dough Pro!

Then it was time to shape them – good cutting, Tahamina!

We can’t wait to see the finished products later!

Over to Xbox now, where the Fifa marathon enters its 2nd week..

..and as you can see by the score, Patrick has spent the weekend practising! Come on Tyler and Alan, you can’t let him win again!!!

It was definitely a lot less competitive on the computers..

Sean even took a break from travelling the globe on Google Earth to play a game instead..

Back outside in the sensory garden, Miss Silvester and her group were busy watering the plants in the sunshine..

Looking cool, Sabeel!

After break, it was time for swimming, and a great chance to cool off!

Strike a pose, Junaid!

Great header, Tyler – we thought football was later on, though?

Meanwhile, in Crackle Foam . . . things were starting to get a little bit messy!!

It was like a competition of ‘Who can make the most mess?’ – first up was Sarah-Jane..

..then Covey..

..and Tahamina..

In all that messiness, we think Aysha may have got caught in the crossfire..

Joseph loved just playing with the foam instead of getting messy..

..well, almost!

Out of the madness and into the calm….it was back over to ICT to see what the guys were up to..

After lunch, it was on to foot spa…and it looks like Sabeel is about to get lost in the bubbles..

It’s alright for some, eh? Erm, excuse us Miss, no sitting down on the job!

Mrs Kelly, stop trying to steal Sam’s moment..

That’s more like it – great smile, Sam!

..and more smiles here form Tahamina..

After a foot spa, you’ve got to have a pamper – isn’t that right, Hajjrah and Aysha?

Sabeel’s enjoying getting treated like a king today – we’re going to see if we can book ourselves in tomorrow!

While it was all relaxation inside, outside it was a different story as an afternoon of football was just kicking off!

We think Mr Slater may have regretted that shot, somehow that dream of being Ronaldo is looking less likely..

Let’s see if Miss Jackson can fare any better..

That’s more like it – Jackson One, Slater Nil! Speaking of Ronaldo, we think he’s just been spotted on the pitch..ah, sorry, it’s Patrick..

Pradeep decided all that football was far too tiring and stayed firmly on the ‘subs bench’..

Finally, a quick check in with ICT, just in time to catch Sean back off on his travels around the world..

What a fun filled day! We’re looking forward to finding out what tomorrow has to offer  🙂


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