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So, after a fun filled Monday at Holiday Club yesterday, let’s see what Tuesday has to offer..

We’ll start off where any good day should start . . . on the Bouncy Castle! Joseph was on there in a flash, although it was still a bit too early for Junaid..

He soon found his feet, competing with Covy and Jacob to see who could jump the highest..

We think Junaid won that one..

..leaving Covy to relax with Sabeel (all that pampering yesterday has left him very chilled!)..

Hannah was in fits of laughter when Miss Carter joined her on the Bouncy Castle..

Meanwhile, over in the ‘Fifa Arena’, Patrick had a new challenger . . . step forward, Mr Edwards!

Our computer whizzes were having more fun on their games or listening to their favourite tunes, though..

Where are we travelling to today, Sean?

Well, not too far actually . . . travelling to the theatre where the guys were watching ‘The Greatest Showman’ – great choice!

Leah defiantly approved of the movie..

..and so did Hajjrah!

Even Tahamina was enjoying it too!

Just before break, staff were helping make some fantastic craft items – Joseph, Thomas and Pradeep definitely approved! Hey boys, don’t be letting the teachers take all the credit for your amazing designs..

After break, it was time to take a trip to the New Bridge Nail Salon, where Sophie, Cordelia, Aysha and Hajjrah had booked in for some Fancy Nail Art!

Great job too by our expert nail technicians Miss Knight, Miss Joubert, Miss Murray and Miss Taylor – the girls will be back next week, they said!

Meanwhile in the pool, Sean was imagining he was relaxing on a beach somewhere (maybe that’s where he keeps travelling to on Google Earth??)

..while the rest of the group had a splashing good time..

What a beautiful smile, Ellie..

From the pool . . . to the pitch, where we return to the Fifa Arena, and our next opponents are Alan . . vs Mr Hagan . . vs Callum..

Harry was busy giving his expert analysis from the touchline..

While the others preferred to have a break from Fifa to play other games..

Has Sean invited you on his travels, Joseph?

No day is complete though without a little mess . . . so over we go to ‘Gelli Baff’ and the water beads..

Leah couldn’t wait to get stuck in!

Sarah-Jane, we know what you’re thinking . . . ‘Can I make as much mess as yesterday?’

After lunch, it was time to grab the popcorn and settle in for this afternoon’s film . . . ‘Gnomeo and Juliet’..

You look very comfy there, Maryam and Sam..

On the way to the next activity, we could hear something that sounded like . . . Tina Turner?

Ah, that’s what it is, Strictly Come Dance time! Some great dance moves there, ladies..

..but what did our judge Eve make of it?


Outside, Mr Daly and the boys were having a game of ‘Crossbar Challenge’..

Great game, lads! Back inside for Didi Cars, and it was full speed ahead for Joseph who was racing against Sean!

Oh no, we think Sean has crashed..

The others preferred to finish their day on the Bouncy Castle instead..

Fantastic bouncing, Louis!

Finally, on the way back to finish typing this up, we could hear something driving up the corridor..

..Georgia, making a swift getaway on a Didi Car!

She really enjoyed her little adventure!

So, the end of another fantastic day of Holiday Club – join us tomorrow for what promises to be another fun filled day! Thank you for reading  🙂


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