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This week, as always, has been a busy one. I can’t believe it is October and we only have two weeks left of this half-term!

This week I will be handing over to Mr Handrick for an update from our Digit4ll Pathway with news of an exciting visitor! Over to you, Mr Handrick…

This week in Digit4ll Key Stage 5 we had a very important visitor from the Karten Network, which is a network of IT centres for disabled people. The centres are funded through the Ian Karten Charitable Trust with the purpose of improving the quality of life and independence of adult people with learning disabilities or mental health problems.

One of the reasons our Digit4ll Key Stage 5 pathway has been so successful is because of the fantastic support we’ve had from the Karten Network in providing excellent resources for our video production and printing enterprises. We were more than happy to show off to Dawn Green, our Karten Network Development Co-ordinator, how their support has been such a success..

Jordan (this year’s director of the business) did an excellent job showing Dawn around, explaining all the great things that we have achieved and more importantly the plans for this year’s projects..

Dawn talked to all the students and was really impressed not only with what they were working on at the time of her visit but also the great vision of what they hope to achieve this year. It was great for our students to show off their skills and spread the exciting buzz that is happening in the class at this time around the business..

The students, as always, have been working very hard on their academic work but the work that is going on behind the scenes to create this year’s main business focus is excellent. We are now adding the final touches and getting ready to launch our new business venture that we hope to reveal very soon….WATCH THIS SPACE!!

If you’d like to see a retake of the visit, click the video to watch Jordan give you a personal tour of our enterprise at DIGIT4LL MEDTIA. It’s a great watch!!!

And now for our popular ‘A Day in the Life’ feature, this week from Jason who is working down at Manchester Metropolitan University on our Bridging the Gap scheme..

A day in the life of Jason
Mail Person at MMU

I start at 9.00am and my first job is to sticker all the ‘Return to Sender’ mail. This happens if the address is incomplete or if it doesn’t have a name or the postage is incorrect..

Once this is complete I then have to mark down the amount of mail that is going out to each building in the university, of which there is a lot!!

It is then time to deliver the mail which takes me all over Manchester to all the different departments in the university – it is a lot of walking each day!! I also have to make sure that my bag weighs no more than 8kg..

I then use my staff badge to access each area as it is confidential mail, and I pick up any incoming mail..

I then work with Andy in the afternoons where it is then time to sort out the mail into first class, second class, recorded delivery and it also depends on the size of each envelope how much postage to put on. A lot of our mail is also international so it can go anywhere in the world!

And that is my day working as an MMU Mail person – it’s hectic and keeps me fit but I really enjoy it! –

This week’s ‘Worker of the Week’ is nominated by our job coach, Nicola for ‘working in a professional manner, sticking to the routines of the RSPCA and for having the patience to work with the shy, timid cats’ – congratulations to our Pre Intern, Charlie!

Next week we have our first ‘Medtia Council’ meeting. Our representatives are:

  • Lumenus ~ Poppy and Jacqueline
  • Activ8 ~ Jamie and Patrick
  • Digit4ll ~ Elliot and Abigail
  • Pre Interns ~ Fahad

They will also be joined by a representative from the Future Finders Employability College, Gary!

We have lots to discuss, including which charities we would like to support over the academic year. I look forward to feeding back on how our first meeting goes.

Have a wonderful weekend,

Director of Employment & Co Head of Site at Medtia Square

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