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A warm welcome back to all our students and families! Both students and staff have quickly settled back into the routine of Learning Centre life and learning. We already have some achievements to acknowledge.

Miss Mehta and Mrs Burston would like to congratulate Yusra for successfully using her electric wheelchair outside the Learning Centre for the first time during their Living Skills session – she was ‘FAB’!! They were amazed at how well Yusra coped outside on her first attempt, there’ll be no stopping her now!

You may be aware that our Hortus pathway is in the process of developing and opening the offer to students from New Bridge, Hollinwood and Spring Brook in addition to those within the Learning Centre. This week saw students from the main body of the Learning Centre joined by students from Spring Brook and New Bridge and there have been positive reports back from both Mr Blackman and Mr Maycock. The new Hortus recruits have taken part in a range of activities, all working with maturity and enthusiasm. It would appear that they are developing a strong work ethic and are growing in confidence each day. Recognition also needs to go to Liam, Jake and Ryan who have welcomed the new students into Hortus and supported them alongside Mr Blackman and Mr Maycock. It’s good to see that our grounds continue to be in safe hands – the added manpower was put to good use rediscovering a long lost path..

It would appear that our previous theme of the ‘The Invictus Games’ has rubbed off on both staff and students alike as all Mr Smith’s Sports option group engaged in a game of seated volley ball. The students may well have been seated, however this did not stop their energy and enthusiasm and no one watching was safe! Thankfully, no need to worry as they were using a very large inflated soft ball (which I still managed to miss!!)

The competitive streak continued as Mr Hagan joined Jermaine, Nathan W., Nathan R., Maryam and Cherrie in the bleep test..

Mr Hagan narrowly beat Jermaine who has vowed to train hard and beat his score of 16!

I believe, Mr Smith, that there was also an offer of chocolate for those who took part. I think I may need to get my tracksuit on – the challenge is out there, Mr Barker!

Last half term our Learning Centre Student Council voted overwhelmingly to take part in next Friday’s ‘Children in Need’. We will be joining schools, colleges and businesses all over Britain in raising money in a variety of ways.

We hope that both our students and staff will dress up accordingly and think up lots of ways to raise money for such a worthy cause. We are also being joined by one of our very generous parents, Mr Schiavo, who is bringing his ice cream van to the Learning Centre in the afternoon. All he is asking is that all monies raised go directly to ‘Children in Need’.


I’ve got my gear ready, so start planning now folks! I look forward to reporting on our day within next week’s blog.

During our Learning Centre assembly we focused on the theme of Remembrance Day which falls this Sunday.

We were helped by our Nurture Group students who made a wonderful display showing how people from different countries and religions mark Remembrance Day. Natasha explained to us what Remembrance Day is about and why we wear poppies today. Cherrie, Callum and Omar also shared with us the moving poem ‘In Flanders Fields.’ They spoke clearly and with feeling, which was appreciated by both staff and students..

Our Ebase students also followed the Remembrance theme and all joined in to produce some lovely displays..

Mrs McDonald has more news for us..

The students in Ebase 2 have worked really well over the last half term. They have participated in the story ‘The scarecrow that didn’t scare’ and some of them really enjoyed dressing up as a scarecrow..

Alongside this they have explored various sensory items such as a wooden tool box, wool, cotton wool and feathers..

As part of our Art session the students enjoyed painting grass with a template to make our scarecrow display..

The students have really enjoyed their Outdoor Ed sessions..

..taking advantage of the soft play area when the weather has not been quite as dry..

They’ve also enjoyed some lovely relaxation sessions..

..and a spot of music therapy..

This week I’ve joined Mr Lyons and Mr Wood in spending time reviewing and further improving our curriculum offer, ensuring that all our students engage in an offer that enables them to reach meaningful and fulfilled future destinations. As this process moves forward, we will be seeking valuable input and insight from all our students, colleagues, families and fellow professionals. This is an exciting time and I’m confident that together we will ensure our students remain at the heart of all we do here at New Bridge.

Don’t forget that our next Parent Group meeting is at 2pm this Monday 12th November. Mrs Gillett and her food industry students will once again be providing refreshments and we very much hope you will be able to join us. Please click here for more details or call us on 0161 883 2402.

There are some last minute tickets now available for our trip to the Opera House on 18th December to see Cinderella if you are quick! Our staff will be there to support our young people and you can find out more by calling Isabella on 0161 883 2401.

I hope you have a lovely weekend,


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