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Firstly, a warm welcome back to everyone, I hope that whatever you did over the Easter break you had a great time. I have to say the nice weather really helped. My Easter was made even better when I received a call telling me that my jury service was cancelled and I could come back to the Learning Centre with a spring in my step. I would of course have done my civic duty, albeit begrudgingly, but I am definitely happy to be back with everyone else.

I was having a conversation with a student this week about this very thing and I tried to explain that by law you have to go, to which the reply came, “but just send a note to say you’re in charge!” (I’m unsure this will be effective in the future Mr Quinn!) The subsequent discussions around the rule of law, democracy, British values and ’24 hours in police custody!’ have been very enlightening.

We’ve had a busy first week back at the Learning Centre with transition visits, work experience placements, examinations, a DofE expedition (Mr Taylor will be bringing us a report) and rehearsals for ‘The Greatest Show’ which runs next week. It’s going to be a truly GREAT SHOW so don’t forget to grab your tickets here (please contact Isabella on 0161 883 2401 if you have any problems with making your payment). Performances run next Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday evening and I can promise you won’t be disappointed – they’ll have you singing in the aisles!

At New Bridge School we embrace a fully inclusive approach to learning and as part of our inclusive offer we provide Hydrotherapy and Rebound Therapy sessions. These sessions are run by our fully trained, highly experienced team of therapists. Hydrotherapy and Rebound Therapy sessions provide dynamic and most importantly fun learning opportunities for those of our young people for whom it is deemed to be safe and beneficial. We currently offer sessions to a range of young people with a variety of neurological and orthopaedic conditions.

During our Hydrotherapy sessions staff use the therapeutic benefits of warm water to promote freedom of movement. Students follow individualised programmes which promote relaxation, mobility, strength, co-ordination and communication. Sensory lights and music also encourage relaxation and most importantly enjoyment. The focus of this week’s blog is to highlight the fantastic achievements made by the young people who access our Hydrotherapy and Rebound therapy offer here at the Learning Centre. Here’s a report from Kathryn Cosgrove:

Miss Allison was amazed by the independent living skills displayed perfectly by Natasha, when she bounced independently and then climbed down the trampoline steps and got herself back into her wheelchair, without needing any help from the staff during her rebound therapy session this week..

Following on with the independence theme, we have seen students floating in the warm pool with minimum support whilst enjoying the lovely relaxing atmosphere created by the sensory lights and calming music, however, still working hard to complete their physiotherapy programmes..

We have also seen young people rolling onto their tummies on the trampoline as part of their physiotherapy exercise programmes, which enables them to achieve their physical well-being targets for Rebound therapy..

We have seen students showing fabulous core strength and head control, both in the pool and on the trampoline, by demonstrating their wonderful sitting balance skills..

We have all been having so much fun we have hardly noticed just how hard you have all been working to achieve all your targets. So now we can show everyone on the blog. Well done everyone!

I’d like to say a big “thank you!” to our Hydro and Rebound team for the fantastic work they do.

Places can now be booked on our May half term holiday club, please contact us before Friday 3rd May if you need any help using the new system on your ParentPay account.

Have a great weekend,


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