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Well, we have a bumper blog for you this week but before I hand over to our students and staff I want to tell you about a new and exciting partnership that we have developed with The Manchester International Festival. The festival takes place every two years across Greater Manchester and is known globally as being a cutting edge and very high profile bi-annual event. This year’s festival includes performances from Idris Elba and Yoko Ono!

We have been working alongside MIF with our Lumenus pathway, and Ms Wilson (Arts Advisor) and myself attended a launch event on Wednesday evening. We are really excited as MIF have agreed to offer our students volunteering opportunities during the festival. This is such a brilliant opportunity for our performing artists to get a real insight into their industry and I look forward to updating you in the near future about our plans!

Now I will hand you over to our students, starting with Megan..

A day in the life of Megan
Lumenus Key Stage 5 Pathway

Hi everyone! I’m Megan and this is a typical day in the life of me! I arrived at Medtia on my bus.

On Thursdays we have Maths in the morning and the lesson was really good this week. We have been learning about area and perimeter and we had a workshop carousel.

After break we had Pathway lessons and I have been working on my Silver Arts Award. I have been writing a review of Hansel and Gretel, a production we have been to see by Oldham Theatre Workshop.

After lunch we went to Oldham Theatre Workshop to continue our Pathway lessons. We started with a warm up and mobilisation. As the show has finished we have now started to look at an opening performance for Sports Day. We have been exploring different music for our performance. We will be devising this performance with Key Stage 4 Lumenus in the upcoming weeks.

At the end of last lesson I walked back to Medtia with Mrs Preston and the rest of our class and got ready to go home.

Over at Bridging the Gap, Dominic is enjoying his new placement..

A day in the life of Dominic 
Laundry department at the Royal Oldham Hospital

I started my third placement in the laundry a few weeks ago. My working day starts at 9.15. I have to wear the laundry uniform and my id badge has to be on display.

When I arrive at work I have to make sure I always sign in and then when I go for my break or finish my shift I have to sign out. There are a lot staff in the laundry so if there was a fire it is important they know who is in the building.

I have been learning different jobs including sorting wet laundry into different cages, loading and unloading dryers, folding hospital gowns, folding a selection of different size towels and loading them onto cages in the right quantities, and folding police blankets, suicide tops and shorts.

First thing in the morning, I have been working with Colin, Chris, Toby and Jordan doing the sorting. We have to sort pillowcases, sheets, quilt covers, blankets, hospital gowns and draw sheets into the correct cages. This week I worked on the sorting section with Reece – he got paid employment after being on Bridging the Gap 6 years ago and has worked in the laundry ever since.

My job coach, Amanda has been supporting me but I am also spending more time each day working independently.

I fold police blankets, police suicide vests and shorts into piles then into special bags before they go into a cage.

I can fold the blankets quickly and neatly.

These are the special red bags that the police blankets, suicide tops and shorts are placed in ready for delivery.

At 10.30 I go on my break, I usually go back to the classroom until 10.55 then I go back to the laundry and work until 11.30. In our classroom sessions we have been preparing our personal statements and getting our speeches ready for the Record of Achievement presentation at the end of the year.

At 12 o’clock we go for our lunch, we usually sit in the café but now the weather is nice we have been sitting outside in the gardens with the other hospital staff.

This is Caroline who helps me if I’m unsure about anything, she is friendly, helpful and always smiling. She sometimes sits with us in the café at lunchtime.

One of my other jobs is to load wet hospital blankets into the dryer and once they are dry, I unload them and fold them into neat piles. I work with Colin and Jordan on this section. These blankets are the ones they use on the wards if you are an inpatient.

I have settled quickly on my placement in the laundry, the staff have been supportive and I have learnt a lot of new jobs already. I am looking forward to trying more things and working on some different machines over the coming weeks.

Work experience this week looks at one of the students from our Digit4ll Pathway, Peter. His placement this term is at The Atrium Café and Peter has been at The Atrium since we came back from the Easter break. He has settled in well and has picked up the café’s routine and the jobs that he has to do really quickly. I will hand you over to Peter to talk you through some of his tasks..

I arrive at the Atrium after being met by my Job Coach at Medtia. I say “hi” to the staff, put my apron on, wash my hands and get straight to work setting up the trolley for the trolley run, working on my own..

[fvplayer src=”http://newbridgeschool.net/wp-content/uploads/2019/05/Atrium1.mp4″]

..and as part of a team – I have enjoyed working with students from the other pathways..

[fvplayer src=”http://newbridgeschool.net/wp-content/uploads/2019/05/Atrium2.mp4″]

I like working on the trolley run, asking the First Choice Homes staff “Would you care for any refreshments?” That always goes down well with them and makes them all smile. One of the staff even commented, “What a polite young man.”

When we have finished the trolley run, we put the unsold stock back on the shelves and till in what we have sold..

Every week I fill in my diary saying what I have done and who I have been working with. I also have to think of the things that I have done well and what I need to work on. Last week I spoke to my Job Coach about trying to improve my money skills and give people the correct change, so this week we have done just that. It was great to work on this and not feel pressured..

Now I have done all that, I am off to complete my diary for this week and think about what other skills I can work on and improve on next week. See you all soon!

On Sunday morning, I will be travelling to sunny Salou with our Future Finders students for the week but I am back in college on Friday for the last day before half term. Mrs Nelson will be here as normal should you need to speak to college.

Have a wonderful weekend,

Head of Key Stage 5 Pathways

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