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Well, we have had an award winning, action packed week this week and I am very excited to tell you all about it in this blog!

Firstly, we have now started our first round of lesson observations, which we carry out twice a year. These observations give myself and our deputy head Mr Pidlyskyj a fantastic opportunity to see our students and staff in their lessons. So far this week we have visited sports lessons at David Lloyd gym, English lessons and ICT lessons with more to come over the coming weeks. It has been an absolute joy to see how engaged our students are in lessons, the level of learning that is going on and the amazing use of iPads in lessons! What an incredible impact they are already having on teaching and learning! Just brilliant!

On Monday we had our very first Student Council meeting and it was great to hear from our 9 representatives how well everyone has settled in and that our students enjoy being at Medtia. We were joined by our governors Ken Stapleton and Cathy Bailey. Students have requested new lockers in their rooms and more opportunities to socialise outside of college, which we are looking into and will feed back on in our next meeting. They are also keen for us to have more space and we explained that we are looking into alternative town centre premises over the year to try and allow room for growth! Watch this space!

On Wednesday, I was asked to present at a Careers Leaders conference, where representatives from over 40 schools across Greater Manchester came together to share best practice in careers education and employability. I was very happy to share the work that we do via our employability matrix. At the end of the conference, it was announced that they were going to hand out some annual awards on behalf of The Greater Manchester Combined Authority and I was delighted to be awarded with ‘SEND Provision of the Year 2019’ for The New Bridge Group, acknowledging that our careers and employability offer is the BEST IN MANCHESTER! I was extremely proud to receive the award and want to take this opportunity to thank each and every person that contributes to our outstanding careers offer including our employability teachers across the MAT, our team of dedicated job coaches, our work placement co-ordinator, our employability curriculum lead and, of course, our careers advisor Chris Thompson. A brilliant team making a real difference! Well done to you all!

Now over to our staff and students for this week’s updates from Medtia, starting with Mr Handrick..

This week on ‘The day in the life of’ blog feature, we have Abigail from the Digit4ll pathway. Abigail is pretty much up for anything when we ask for students to represent the school on our business ventures or other school options and she is popular member of the students here at Medtia.

She won’t admit it but she always greets the staff with a pleasant smile and ‘hello’ in the morning and she is a great cure for the morning blues with her happy go lucky attitude to life. Naturally myself and Mr Slater asked if she could be the our ‘day in the life’ student this week and “Of course I will, you wonderful people'” she said (if you believe that…..).

Good morning Abigail – as always, with a wave and smile she starts her day..

The day begins as usual with a greeting and reminder of what is happening in that day. Thursdays are a bit of mixed day with ICT and some Living Skills.
Abigail, like the rest of the students at Medtia, is using her iPad in most lessons and it’s great to see all the good things that the students can achieve.

Back to ICT and it was good to see Abigail leading on demonstrating some new iPad skills to the class.

Into the afternoon and the students are working on film studies – the latest Spider-Man, popcorn and soft drinks, you ask? The students wish that was the case but in film studies we mainly watch short films, documentaries that are not always part of the mainstream, before we analyse them in detail. It’s great to see the students talking about the films and discussing film scores, camera shots and colourings – all the details that we normally don’t notice when we watch media, we just take a film for what it is and don’t consider what the director and film crew are trying to achieve. Not the Digit4ll students at Medtia though!

That’s another day done at Medtia for Abigail, we hope you enjoyed the read and have a good weekend. From Mr H. and, of course, the star of the blog Abigail..

Now our job coach Nicola has a work experience update for us on Beth’s placement at the Atrium..

Beth has had a very positive start to her work experience placement in the Atrium Café. She has fully immersed herself into her new tasks and has not stopped smiling!

Beth was shown where to put her personal belongings, where to get her apron and what sink to use when she she washes her hands.

One of the first things she had to learn was how to the leave the building safely in an emergency and get to the fire assembly point.

The next job Beth has learnt to do is replenishing the milk tea, coffee, milk, sugar. She learnt the locations of the stock and helped to load the trolley. Beth got the clipboard and put the correct day and date on, then we went onto the different floors to the kitchens to see what needed filling up.

Beth is really good at judging what needs filling and knows if the milk is in or out of date and is learning how to complete the table to show what has been replenished.

[fvplayer id=”3″]

When she has finished checking all the kitchens, she puts all the stock back and any rubbish into the correct bins. Next it’s time to complete her job and personal targets before she goes back to Medtia so she can access the Garage Band session.

Over the next few weeks we are hoping to be able to do the trolley run and learn how to rotate and replenish the stock.

Well done Beth. Keep up the good work!

Now for more news from Lumenus..

It is the fifth week back and it is back to business as usual for Lumenus. On Monday we have Music lessons and are continuing our work with GarageBand – we have even incorporated some drama into it! The class have worked in pairs and have created a short drama piece to go with the music piece they created on GarageBand.

On Wednesday we joined Key Stage 4 Lumenus as usual and spent the morning at Oldham Theatre Workshop. Some of the group delivered a workshop to the adult Drama group Chrysalis. Lumenus are practising to be workshop leaders and Chrysalis really enjoyed spending their time with Lumenus.

In the afternoon we watched a performance by Oldham Theatre Workshop called ‘Birthday’. It was written by Sara Nelson and acted by Oldham Theatre Workshop group and it was commissioned by Greater Manchester Health and Social Care Partnership to explore issues about alcohol exposed pregnancies with teenagers across Oldham, Tameside and Rochdale. Digit4ll 2 also joined us.

On Thursdays it is pathway day, where we focus on performance skills and devising theatre pieces and we went over to Oldham Theatre Workshop and continued to study Physical Theatre. This week we worked on creating an ensemble looking at unison and cannon movement in the morning.

After lunch we used the frantic assembly techniques of push, pull, move, slide and squeeze to create duets.

I hope you’ve enjoyed reading what Lumenus have been up to!

Congratulations to Jade who was awarded ‘Worker of the Week’ for being enthusiastic and keen to do her work in her classroom sessions and her work placement.

Regular readers of the blog will know that we held some very successful Macmillan coffee mornings last week. Our Bridging the Gap students over at the Royal Oldham Hospital didn’t miss out..

27th September 2019 – the day for the biggest coffee morning…. Here at Bridging the Gap we held our own!! The students invited staff from the hospital they work with and we made some lovely chocolate orange rice crispy cakes as part of our selection of treats. We asked the staff invited for a donation to come and have a brew, cake and a chat with us and we managed to raise £41.05! We all had some fun taking pictures and using the props and game from our pack from Macmillan. What a fantastic way to end our week..

Have a wonderful weekend,

Head of Key Stage 5 Pathways

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