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It’s back to normal for this week’s blog, sharing news about what our students have been up to over the last couple of weeks.

Continuing the theme of healthy living I mentioned a couple of weeks ago, our Year 12 students have been busy producing some very healthy fruit salads, made all the tastier by a dressing of lemon and honey, definitely one to remember.

Umer, Subhan, Melissa, Kyle, Regan, Kausar and Shahmuneer showed a great understanding and mature attitude in their food technology lesson. They watched a demonstration of how to prepare fruit for fresh fruit salad before going to their workstations and completing the task independently with some help only when needed..

Mrs Walters would also like to say a well done to Ryan I. and Bobby-Joe from Year 13 who have also done particularly well in their Food Industry lessons.

Thanks everyone, for making my healthy eating regime a little easier. I did, however, give in to temptation when Jamey offered me a very yummy ‘Lemon Drizzle bun’. It was truly delicious and I promise I did an extra 10 minutes on my exercise bike that evening to compensate..

Sticking with Year 12 achievements, I’d like to say a big well done to Saif, Chantelle, Subhan and Kaitlin who completed some amazing half and full twists on the trampoline (apologies Mr Lawrence if I haven’t used the correct terminology!)..

A big well done to Aimee who today performed jumps from a seated start and some full twists and drops, landing all of them safely (again, apologies Mr Lawrence!)..

Finally well done Regan, who set foot on the trampoline for the first time two weeks ago, and today performed some amazing tucks..

..and Kyle for completing seat drops even though he looked a little nervous..

I’d like to close with a report from this week’s Student Council meeting. There has been a slight change of format this time with students taking a lead on deciding what areas they would like look at and in turn, gauge their peers options. Key areas for discussion were:

  • How to spend monies raised at the recent Christmas Market
  • The current Learning Centre Options programme
  • Purchasing headphones for students to buy for use with iPads
  • How to support the transition process for Year 11 coming up to the Learning Centre in September

We also completed an external and internal tour of the Learning Centre to highlight any potential issues which may need addressing. This proved extremely informative and provided a unique insight from our students’ perspective around how environmental conditions affect students with different needs, abilities and experiences.

Our students once again contributed their thoughts and ideas with maturity, whilst also showing respect for each other and a care and responsibility to all students within the Learning Centre.

Thank you again to our governors Cathy Williams and Ken Stapleton for their time, support and encouragement. It’s much appreciated.

Our students are continuing to enjoy their work with the talented brass musicians from Live Music Now which are giving them the opportunity to experience and participate in music performances. This week’s session was lots of fun as you can see..

Finally, I would like to thank the Terence O’Grady Club for the very generous donation of a new (to us) pool table which looks fantastic in the main hall and which has already had loads of use. Thanks to Mrs Kindon and Mr Blackman for helping to organise, I think we are definitely growing our own pool sharks!

Have a great weekend,


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