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I’d like to start the blog a little differently this week, with a message for every one of our amazing New Bridge pupils out there …

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So, here are all the brilliant examples of how you amazing lot have been keeping up your learning at home..

Cena, in addition to having fun dressed as a pirate, has been working on his fine motor skills and drawn this superb picture of Mickey Mouse..

Jarif is a keen artist, who likes to explore various artistic media to create visual art. Recently he has been exploring graphic design software and created these fantastic images..

Alongside this he’s been keeping up his learning on his Digit4ll Pathway and written this very articulate review of the Huawei P40 Pro phone..

Yunus, it would appear, hasn’t stopped in his efforts to develop his reading, writing and grammar skills. Mrs Taylor reports that he is completing up to 10 learning activities per day and logging these on his Seesaw account for Mrs Taylor to assess and give feedback. Outstanding effort Yunus!

Little did I know that Rhys is a budding trumpet player and is currently learning to play the song ‘Oh My Darling, Clementine’. Just seeing and hearing Rhys bring together the skills of breathing technique, finger positioning and reading music to play the song is just fantastic!

[fvplayer id=”53″]

Lukas has been learning all about the planets in our solar system with the help of his family. He’s completed a learning activity to demonstrate he understands the different sizes of the planets by putting them in order from biggest to smallest..

[fvplayer id=”54″]

Sophie, Musa, Corey and Macauley have been learning about food hygiene practices with the support of Mrs Newport. They were given the brief of explaining the principle of colour coding in food preparation to prevent cross-contamination. You can see their wonderfully creative responses below.

Sophie has gone from theory into practice, carefully using a sharp knife to prepare ingredients for her first practical assessment submission – beef burgers! Delicious work Sophie!

Farees has also been putting the practical skills he has been learning in Food Technology to good use, helping to prepare meals at home..

Musa, in addition to keeping up with his learning in Food Technology, has been keeping an eye of current affairs as part of his learning on the Digit4ll Pathway. He’s created a short report giving his own views and understanding of recent events..

[fvplayer id=”55″]

Mrs Fennelly also reports that he’s doubled his efforts in Maths, and is completing even more learning activities than he would do in his lessons back in school!

It’s always good to see friends keeping in touch, and what better way to keep practising your communication skills! Joseph B and Joseph G have been using video calls to contact each other and share messages. Wonderful to see two friends supporting each other’s learning.

Harvey has been been busy indeed! If he’s not been in the garden, developing his horticulture skills..

..or recording reviews of books he’s read..

[fvplayer id=”56″]

..he’s been creating magnificently colourful rainbow pictures to place in his window to bring cheer and spreading the message of hope to passers-by..

He’s even found time for some Living Skills to make his bed!

Lastly, and I have to say I’m particularly jealous of this one, Leshay has been keeping up his learning in PE using his trampoline in his own back garden. He’s been practising his front flips and back flips and as you can see in the video, he’s pretty incredible!

[fvplayer id=”57″]

So, as you can see, many of you may be at home, but our mission statement, Learning together, Learning for all, Learning for Life, is still going strong! I’m really looking forward to keeping you all updated with learning of you and your friends over the coming weeks so keep up your outstanding efforts.

I’d like to leave you with an incredibly inspiring and positive message from Nicole, from our Nurture Group, and one which captures what I know many of us may be thinking right now:

“I know this isn’t related to school or anything but about 15 minutes ago me and my Mum went on the street and clapped for the NHS and there were lots of other people cheering and clapping as well, we would be so lost without the NHS especially at the minute with everything going on and there’s moments like these when you realise how lucky you are, to have a roof over your head, food and lots of other things. Always spread love not hate.”

Until next time, take care, stay safe and speak soon,

Mr Lyons

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