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I’m introducing this week’s blog with another short video …

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So here are this week’s brilliant examples of how you amazing lot have been keeping up your learning at home or taking a bit of down time around Easter time.

Firstly, catching up with learning that took place in the lead up to Easter; Kaif, Esha and Chelsea have created some beautiful Easter Egg pictures..

Along with the rest of Mrs Patchett’s class, they have also been learning about how keep yourself healthy, which is particularly important during our current situation. Sean and Josh have been considering which foods you might eat as part of a balanced diet..

..whilst Kaif, Sean and Chelsea have been looking at the correct procedure for washing their hands..

Sean has also done a self portrait showing him taking part in his daily exercise session..

Josh has been baking delicious chocolate muffins and cookies..

He has also done some sequencing work on the Easter story..

Chelsea has also been baking; your bread looks delicious Chelsea!

This week in Maths the class have been working on time, working on ‘to the hour’ and ‘half past’ and also ordering days of the week. Well done to Kaif, Chelsea, Josh and Sean for continuing to work hard on their Maths targets, superstars I am sure you will agree!

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It seems like everyone has been getting out the flour and eggs and practising their baking skills, as Daniel from Mrs Hickman’s class has produced some very tasty looking buns. The buttercream ones are my favourite and I believe he even washed up after himself!

Raresh has also been working on his cooking skills and made some very tasty pancakes..

Raresh is really enjoying helping out in the kitchen, just look at this very impressive panettone he made for Easter!

Jarif is continuing to explore digital software, making use of 3DC.io and Sketch to create some stunning designs. This design for flying, driverless, sports car, the Nissan Air Juice. This slick automobile operates on artificial intelligence and features touch screen and voice operated controls. Not only that, it’s incredibly fast!

With all this fantastic weather recently, it’s great to see that some of you are getting outdoors and getting hands on with nature. Kyle has been showing off his ‘green fingers’ by preparing and planting some beautiful bedding plants to spruce up his garden..

Meanwhile, Aliyah has been taking a break from studying..

..to get outside for a stroll in her local woods to take her dog for a walk..

Perfect way to work up an appetite for a tasty curry with all the trimmings freshly prepared by Aliyah and her mum..

All this talk of food is making me very hungry! So moving on to other activities you’ve been up to. Mr Hanif’s class have been enjoying a range of different learning experiences. As we know, playing with Lego has a range of educational benefits. It develops several skills including fine motor skills, creativity, problem solving, mathematical thinking and persistence. Using Lego, keen Star Wars fan Rhys has created several characters and vehicles featured in the films..

He’s also been painting model dinosaurs..

Being a Star Wars fan myself, my favourite is the Sith Tie fighter, it definitely made me smile to see all your wonderful creations Rhys!

Callum has been making the most of the warm weather with his raining rainbow! Sure fire way to keep cool!

He’s also demonstrating his maturity, supporting his mum by pushing his little sister in her pram during their daily walk..

Josh has been exploring how he is feeling about what it’s like not being in school and also what he’s looking forward to when he gets back to school and if anything will have changed once we do make it back to school..

Great to hear you’re keeping positive about staying at home and so pleased you’re looking forward to being back at school. Josh has also been keeping up with his learning in History. He’s made a model of Motte and Bailey Castle for our Medieval Times topic..

Mrs Holland has been keeping me updated on the efforts of the pupils in her English classes. She wanted me to give a special mention to a number of you who have been regularly completing the activities set on the learning apps like Spellzone and Literacy Planet. It’s fantastic to see you all taking responsibility for your learning and working so independently to make such progress. So this special mention goes to: Mariam, Dylan and Daisy from Lumenus; Hasnain, Ashton, Mackenzie and Corey from Year 9; Katie, Khadija and Lucy from Year 8; and Khadir, Katie and Fabiana from Year 7.

Mrs Holland would like to add an extra special well done to several of you who are going above and beyond in efforts to keep up your learning at home. She is “super proud” to receive the outstanding work from Daisy, Hasnain, Katie and Harvey. However, she has reserved her “Outstanding English Award” for Lucy in Year 7 who has taken each learning activity she has been given and confidently made it her own. She has produced some beautiful work that has shown a real flair for creativity. For anyone that knows Lucy well, she has such a quiet voice and Mrs Holland has been overwhelmed how Lucy is using technology to increase her confidence in reading out loud and also creating her own movie advertisement. Brilliant work Lucy!

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Harvey would like to share the progress he has made in the greenhouse..

[fvplayer id=”78″]

It is also nice to see him practising his Living Skills and helping out at home..

He has also cheered us up by sharing a story that includes his favourite creature ‘What the Ladybird heard’

[fvplayer id=”79″]

Next week would normally have featured our annual Trust wide production and this year the plan was for New Bridge Group to stage their very own version of “We Will Rock You”. Not ones to put off by a world-wide pandemic, we’re going ahead anyway (of sorts) and creating our own video in honour of what would have been show week. Our pupils (and some staff) have been recording their own individual performances and our brilliant Creative Arts and IT teams have been pulling it all together. We’ll hopefully be featuring their efforts next week, so stay tuned!

Normally, we’d finish our end of week Achievement Assembly with a celebration of any birthdays. Well, there was a very special birthday last week. Our very own Dylan turned 12 so Mrs Ward and the IB2 team made a short video to offer their congratulations to him for his big day. You can check out his reaction in the little video his mum kindly sent to us..

[fvplayer id=”80″]

Lastly, whilst I know your Form Tutors and the Tutor teams have been keeping in touch with you, it’s been wonderful to hear the that you’ve been keeping in touch with each other. Reaching out to friends you would normally see in school is a great way to look after your wellbeing and keep positive so I’m really pleased that you’re looking after each other in this way.

I’ll leave you this week with the message some of our staff put together over the holidays (if you missed our Easter blog, you can find it here)..

Take care, stay safe,


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