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Hello again everyone. Before I begin this week’s celebration of our pupils’ learning, I want to say thank you to everyone who has supported us with our consultation over the past few weeks. Having agreed to move forward with our proposal, we are now in the process of carrying out the necessary risk assessments that will inform planning our phased transition back into school. Importantly, this involves our teams contacting the family of every one of our pupils to assess what their ’new schooling’ offer will look like in the weeks and months ahead. Therefore if you haven’t already been contacted by your child’s form tutor team, you should expect to hear from them by next Wednesday 10th June to obtain your views.

In the meantime, our extraordinarily brilliant young people have been as active as ever. Firstly, a quick catch up on a few blog submissions that just missed the last post.

Mrs Dunkerley asked her form group to share some examples of themselves applying their Living Skills learning at home. As you can see, Rose has been putting her measuring skills into practice, using her understanding of how to handle hot objects..

Just as importantly, she’s also helped with cleaning up afterwards. Brilliant Rose.

Thomas has also been putting his catering skills to work and clearly enjoying the fruits of his labour!

Well done Thomas! Can’t seem to see pictures of you clearing up though! 🙂 Meanwhile, out in the garden, Mackenzie has been helping out with the household chores, making sure the clothes are hung out to dry properly. Good work Mackenzie.

Riley on the other hand has recently got a new trampoline. What better opportunity to show off what you’ve been learning in your trampoline lessons in school. Amazing Riley.

[fvplayer id=”97″]

Miss Bingley has shared an update on what Huan has been up to at home. Being out of his normal school routine and coping with all the changes has been a big learning curve for Huan over the past couple of months. It’s brilliant to see that he’s been getting involved in some learning activities with support from his mum. Such a huge achievement Huan, fantastic effort.

Mrs Hollinworth has shared with me details of a very exciting competition that the pupils attending our school hub have participated in recently. The pupils were asked to design their own baseball cap and the entries were judged by our very own, ultra-hip, Mrs Needham, who selected Darnell as the winner. He was very excited to win 8 designed baseball caps donated by Mrs Hollinworth’s son. Congratulations Darnell! Everyone who entered also won a prize so well done to everyone who took part.

I was made up to get news from Mrs Allen of Amanda’s latest efforts to keep up the learning from her Lumenus performing arts pathway. If you can’t get to the stage, then why not bring the stage to you! Amanda’s thoughts exactly as she literally created her own stage to perform on. Absolutely brilliant Amanda!

Which brings us to this week and Mr Hanif’s class who have been as busy as ever. A couple of particular highlights are Brooke and Rhys. Back in school, Brooke loved making funny videos for everyone in class and here she is again, with a new video in the sunshine. You definitely got me giggling Brooke.

[fvplayer id=”98″]

Countdown presenter Nick Hewer better watch out however as Rhys is giving you a run for your money. Check out his polished professional presentation of a home-made version of countdown he has created with his family as they try out different ways to approach home learning. Love it Rhys!

[fvplayer id=”99″]

Mr Hanif has also updated me on Josh’s activities as home, as has Miss Mullen. It seems in addition to his usual cooking..

..he’s been playing a full part in keeping not just his home clean and tidy..

..but his local community as well..

Love the community spirit Josh. Not forgetting to keep up with his Livings Skills learning set by Miss Mullen, he’s completed some excellent pieces to demonstrate that his understanding of kitchen safety including how to remain safe around hot items. Superb Josh.

Mrs Holland, Miss Silvester, Miss Henry and Miss Shaw are so proud of everything their class have achieved this week. In his English studies, Joseph G has matched key words to their pictures and matched rhyming words as well. Clearly very happy with his success and so you should be Joseph. Brilliant.

Joseph B has been studying Living Skills this week, labelling the different parts of a tree. Great effort Joseph.

As a Year 11 pupil he’s also made a start on his personal journey log as he prepares for moving on to Year 12 at the Learning Centre. Think you’ve been getting Mrs Holland and the team a bit emotional thinking back on their journey with you through school!

Fabiano has worked very thoughtfully on creating his own artistic masterpiece. He has taken time time to choose which colours and textures he wants to use and concentrated carefully on his painting technique to bring these colours and textures to life. Wow Fabiano! Just fantastic.

In their topic work this half term, Miss Patchett and her class have been exploring the recent lockdown changes which are allowing us the option to go out more and possibly go on a day trip out or even a little holiday later on in the summer. This week the pupils have been asked to reflect on their past holidays such as where they went and what they enjoyed. Between them, Sean, Kaif and Chelsea have created a summer emoji..

..designed a tee shirt that informs us of what they like to do in the summer..

..and also completed a summer holiday comprehension exercise..

Great effort. We just need that sun back now!

As usual Mrs Taylor is keeping me posted on how much you’re all reading for pleasure using the Epic App. It’s wonderful to see so many of you using your time at home to get enjoyment from books. Between you, you’ve read over 150 books in the last two weeks, which amounts to over 20 hours of reading!

Special mention goes to Ethan, Rose and Mackenzie who have read quite a number of books each..

We also have a new leader on our leaderboard – first place goes to Miah..

..and second place to Ayshah.. 

Well done to all of you and keep up the reading.

Lastly this week, Mr Goup has asked me to announce that it is our Trust-wide Mathletics competition week next week. All you need to do is log on and complete the activities to earn points. You can check the leaderboard to see how many points you’ve earned and where that places you. There will be certificates for anyone getting 1000 points or more and prizes will be awarded to the highest scorers. Good luck!

Until next week, take care, stay safe.


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