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It’s been a difficult time for all of us this week as we come to terms with the loss of Fabiana.  As we know, life carries on, as do the the incredible efforts of our pupils, who as always have continued with their learning both at home and in school.  So while we are still mourning the tragic loss of our beautiful soul, we will, albeit on a more sombre note, continue to celebrate the recent achievements of our amazing pupils.

I begin this week’s celebration with some mentions from Mrs Holland which just missed out on last week’s blog. She has a special mention for Hasnain who had written a wonderfully creative piece about a helpless man struggling in the cold air.  She was also impressed with Nicole T and Iona who put in a lot of effort with their learning activities on Seesaw.

Mrs Holland would like to present her English awards to James E, Lucy, Mahdi and Daisy. James and Lucy both completed every activity that she had sent to the group on Seesaw.  James even cheered her up by reading to her.  Mahdi had studied really hard on both his English and Maths whilst Daisy had completed all of her learning activities on Seesaw and had been writing some great book recommendations.

Her form group had also been very busy. Katie had completed a funny food challenge in which she created a fox made with food items..

..as well as designing and making a new creature. Meet Cali the Unicat!

She had also been recommending her favourite audiobooks and writing her reviews.

Peter had put in a lot of effort designing and making a brilliant staff..

Leshay had worked on a lovely project in the garden that involved tidying, organising and digging to create a working water fountain for his family to enjoy..

Brilliant effort every single one of you.

Some more celebrations from last week include those from Miss Shaw who was supporting some of our pupils from the Interactive Base.  The group had been continuing with their themed learning inspired by the story of The BFG. They began the week by making some ‘cloud dough’ and used their senses to explore the texture and colour. It did get a little messy!

They enjoyed lots of music with everyone joining in with some tambourines and dance moves.  On Friday they created ‘make a wish’ dandelions using their fingers to print. Somehow, everyone ended up turning into dandelions themselves with colourful noses.  Well done to everyone on a wonderful week.

This week, we’ve got a special mention for one of our staff from one of our pupils.  Darnell, who has been coming into school each week, wants to say a huge thank you to Mr Shaw for giving him a blank lanyard.  Darnell has really enjoyed making his own New Bridge lanyard and wanted to share it with everyone in this week’s blog. Here he is signing out on his way home.  Good to have you on the team Darnell.

Miss Ward has shared with me lots of photos of Aamna who is really enjoying spending time with her sister at home and even getting in a spot of sunbathing. Great to see you and your sister having so much fun Aamna..

Miss Ward has also sent in some photos of Aysha and Hajjrah, who are as happy and smiley as ever.  No doubt this is because they’ve been loving having stories on their iPads read to them by Miss Ward and Mrs Jones.  Lovely to see you both getting so much pleasure from books.

Mrs Newport has sent me Musa’s brilliant evaluation of the biscuits he made this week.  Honest and direct as ever, he was not happy with his results.  He said they were hard and burnt and a bit greasy; a great evaluation with superb use of sensory vocabulary Musa.  He has concluded that “mums are the best cooks in the world’ and whilst he said ‘never again’ to making biscuits he has been busy making cheesecakes later in the week, though we’ve yet to see the pictures.  Would love to see the evidence and get your review Musa!

A quick round up of other learning activity going on at home gives us Sophie, who has been baking again; this batch looks even better than the last one!

Kyle, who pulled on walking boots and headed out into the wild once again as part of his weekly walks..

..and lastly Millie, who has been helping clean the car.  Fantastic effort everyone.

Finally, Miss Hayes reports on her group’s learning in school as they continue with The BFG theme.

“This week we made geometric art prints.  We started by covering the paper with tape to create the lines. Then we used different colours in each box. When finished we removed the tape to create the geometric print.

In cooking we baked cookies. Katie said cookie dough was yummy. We mixed the icing sugar and added green colouring to make it look like snozcumber. We poured the icing onto the biscuits and decorated them with sprinkles..

We made dream catcher jars using paints, buttons, beads and glitter to create different textures and visual representation of dreams. 

During outdoor education we collected sticks and sprigs of herbs from the school garden. We used these items to make nature wind chimes. We painted the sticks and attached them using twine and ribbons then added some beads to create sound in the wind.”

[Best_Wordpress_Gallery id=”273″ gal_title=”windchimes June 20″]

Until next week, take care, stay safe.


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