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Welcome to this week’s blog. Those of you who follow us on social media will be aware that there has been some healthy inter-school rivalry as pupils from across the Trust compete in our Trust-wide Mathletics Competition. It’s fair to say Hollinwood Academy have been our closest rivals and it was their pupil, Thomas, who took first place. Congratulations Thomas. He was followed by our very own Sophie E who took second place and receives a Mathletics Gold Certificate. Brilliant news Sophie. Superb effort. I’d also like to congratulate all our other pupils who took part; Maryam A, Shaun, Kyle, Sean, Casie, Esha, Nayem, Jake and Madison. Fantastic every one of you.

Mrs Carter has shared with me some excellent updates from her form group. Katie, it’s wonderful to see you having so much fun planting sunflower seeds with your mum. Please keep us updated on your progress! Literally expecting big things!

Tahamina has been taking her learning outside. Getting out into her local park, she’s been on the hunt for wildlife. Looks like you’ve spotted something there Tahamina. 🙂

As always, Cena has very been active with his learning at home. He’s been using his light box to draw pictures of Mickey Mouse..

..and making garlic bread with cheese, ham and mushrooms..

He’s not the only one in his household that’s been keeping up his learning. Miss Kershaw reports that brother Tes has also been a superstar when it comes to home learning. Not only has he completed the activities Miss Kershaw has set on the Home Learning area of our website, he has also done the activities she has set on Seesaw and the activities mum and dad have created for him. He’s practised his number formation and counting, creating a digital picture to indicate the number..

..and also followed instructions from his mum and dad to make his own pizza..

However, I have to say my favourite has got to be your geometric canvases Cena and Tes. They look amazing, so impressive. I think we need your help with adding a splash of colour to our corridors when we return to normal.

Also showing off his art skills is Liam. Mrs Parkinson has shown me this beautiful piece he has created as part of the colour and pattern topic. I think we’ll be able to build our own team of artists to redecorate the school at this rate!

Mrs Taylor has sent me another update on your love of literature. As usual, she’s been tracking your reading using the Epic app and I’m so impressed with your response. Just counting those of you in Mrs Taylor’s English groups alone, you’ve read over 300 books and spent 32 hours worth of reading. Stunning! Keep it up everyone! In other English related news, Katie is making particularly good progress with her spelling and Antonia achieved top of the Literacy Planet leader board. Well done both of you.

Lastly, Mr Hanif has sent me a couple of wonderful videos of Rhys and his family enjoying developing his numeracy skills and getting very innovative in their approach. Here’s Rhys playing a numeracy game called Doubling Detectives, which is helping him to learn how to count in twos. You can also use patterned socks to pair together and match patterns too. Really pleased to see you having fun in your learning Rhys.

[fvplayer id=”104″]

That’s it from me for this week. Looking forward to sharing more examples of your learning this time next week.

In the meantime, take care, stay safe.


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