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It’s been a really busy week here at the Learning Centre with the students getting involved in lots of different activities. We’re having to find lots of new ways to do things, one of which is our fortnightly Learning Centre Assembly where we would normally all be together celebrating our students’ successes. Unfortunately this is not possible due to Covid restrictions, however today we held a virtual assembly where everything was streamed live to all the classrooms. What was lovely is that the students still applauded each other and a chorus of ‘Happy Birthday’ could be heard throughout the building. Happy birthday Almina and Haidar!

Here is just a glimpse of what’s being going on at the Learning Centre this week, firstly from our Communication 1 group. Here are just a few photos to show what they have been doing in class this week following their theme of ‘friendship and nature’..

Miss Knox is really pleased with all her Communication Group and can’t quite believe how well they have already settled in:

Logan, Faiza, Hussain and Alyisha all contributed to the flower display we created in the classroom. As a group we explored different qualities; kindness, caring, funny etc. We discussed which quality best suited each member of our class and why and we then decorated them using different materials. (Miss Knox)

Well done to the IB Comunication 1 group, it looks lovely and you’ve worked really hard to make the environment your own!

Mr Taylor also supported Faiza, Logan, Hussain and Alyisha to create self-portraits using natural materials gathered from outside the Learning Centre. Here’s an example of what they’ve been up to..

To gather all our resources the class had regular sessions outside gathering leaves and flowers to create the basis for our displays. (Mr. Taylor)

Last week I I mentioned how well our Year 12 students have settled in and they have certainly continued their positive start. Here’s a report from their tutor, Mrs Keane:

All our new students have settled in incredibly well and have behaved calmly and maturely with all the new routines. They already know their way round the Learning Centre to get to the important places – our classroom, the dining room and the toilets.

We have been learning how to do calming breathing and Tai Chi..

We even got to practise our movements outdoors on Tuesday when it was very warm.,

We have also loved our gardening slots..

Well done Kibria!

We have taken some time outside to read and listen to stories about hope and the future..

We have also videocalled some classes on Teams to say hello to our friends. Thank you to Miss Knox, Mrs Brierley and Mrs Parkinson for taking time to chat with us..

We are also celebrating a birthday in our class this week. Happy 17th birthday to Almina! (Mrs Keane)

Stars of the week have to be our Year 14 gardening crew, who along with Mr Blackman have managed to totally transform the polytunnel, clearing away a jungle’s worth of weeds!

What an incredible team of workers I have here, not one of them complained, even in the red hot polytunnel! Great effort Year 14, thank you from Mr. Blackman and Mrs. Amin.

Here is the truly amazing before and after, and all achieved in just two weeks!

Great teamwork guys!

As part of our static model, we are ensuring that we can still offer an enriching offer as part of our ‘Recovery curriculum’. Mr Taylor is normally out and about with students who are taking part in either the DofE programme or Outdoor Education. Unfortunately that is not possible at the moment, however Mr Taylor is keen for students to still be able to be active and engaging in some of the skills they would normally.

A fine effort from all in Mrs Brierley’s class where the students undertook personal challenges exploring the very, very unstable wobble board. This involved a series of manoeuvres and balance exercises where students had to either hold a pose or complete a movement whilst the board could be wobbling side to side or just very unstable.

Everybody had to show a great deal of trust, skill and positivity. Every student completed the challenge and offered encouragement to the others whilst they had their turn. (Mr Taylor)

Mr Taylor also worked with the class to produce their very own self-portraits from natural resources found outside, I think these are wonderful! (I just hope there aren’t too many bugs!!!)

Mrs Brierly would like to say a special mention to Saniya who has been absolutely amazing since she’s been back. Well done Saniya, you’re an absolute credit to the Learning Centre.

I’d like to finish with a shout out to two of our Year 12 Entitlement students Mason and Adam who, in the words of Ms Thornhill, have been amazing and she can’t quite believe they’ve only been with us for two weeks. So well done guys.

We closed our assembly with a thought/focus for next week which is based around trying to stay positive, even though it may not always be easy, and I’d like to finish my blog with the following appeal:

Have a lovely weekend,


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