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The first few weeks of the school year are always a key time. It’s important that we ensure every child settles back into school life, that they feel safe and well and that they are ready for learning. A particularly special groups of pupils that need consideration at the start of the school are our new pupils. With around 80 new children joining New Bridge this term, we’ve welcomed more pupils than ever through our doors for the first time. It’s always good to catch up with them to see how they’re settling in and find out how they’re feeling about their new school, so we asked a handful of our Year 7 pupils for their thoughts and comments:

  • “I’m happy to come to New Bridge School. I like coming to school on the school bus and I like my new teachers.” ~ Kai
  • “I was a bit scared and excited to come to New Bridge. I am happy and like my teachers and I enjoy doing Art.” ~ Damon
  • “New Bridge is good and I’m looking forward to starting swimming when we’re allowed to do it.” ~ Matthew
  • “New Bridge is fun. I like doing good work. It’s fun playing outside with my friends at break time.” ~ Thomas
  • “I was happy to come to my new school. It’s fun, I like Mr. Flanagan and Mrs. Shaw.” ~ Rimsha

Seems like we’re settling in nicely!

One person who is well and truly settled in, is our in-house mod, resident rock star and Year 11 pupil, Zeinadin. Singer, songwriter, producer and frontman for his rock band Soundclock, Zeinadin has an incredible musical talent. Over the past few months he’s shared with me a couple of his original songs. Zeinadin writes his own lyrics, creates his own music, and through the use of the GarageBand app on his iPad, records and produces his own songs. This week I was honoured to be sent a copy of his latest song, Slowly Fading Away, a beautiful piece about the importance of never giving up on your dreams. Through the power of technology, we played the song out across the whole school, so every pupil in every class could listen and enjoy.

So to play us out this week, and with his permission, it gives me great pleasure to share Slowly Fading Away with you as well, along with a little introduction from the man himself. Enjoy!

Until next week, take care, stay safe.


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