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This week our students have continued to ensure that they are following our rules to keep ourselves safe. Staff have worked hard to reinforce the rules and the bubble model at the college has been a success.

On Wednesday morning, myself and Ms Wilson met with the exec team of the MAT to update them on our college Risk Assessment – they were all pleased that all was going well and we were ensuring safety and following all guidance. I have said that I will do a virtual call with the exec team next week and show them around our new home.

For this week’s blog, I have asked the staff to speak with our students to share their experiences of time off in lockdown and their feelings about being back on site. Here is what they had to say:

  • Digit4ll ~ Danielle

My lockdown thoughts and feelings
When the lockdown started I was confused and anxious about what would happen over this new experience however after I talk to my family about my worries they reassured me that things will not be the same but we will be fine.
During the first week I simply did the English work that Mrs Hartley sent me which was preparing me for GCSEs. By the time it was Friday mostly everyone in my family was in lockdown as well. This would make me feel still confused however over time I would become more comfortable over the months.
In the first full week in lockdown with everyone who was in school had to do work since my brothers had work sent to them by the teachers which set a routine for this lockdown such as during the school weekdays we would do work from 9am t0 3pm to finish the work that was sent to us by the teachers. We would have days off during the weekends and the school holidays since we are trying to make the it like the normal school routine but at home. This made me feel happy to be in routine however I had to still work which we make me feel tired.
During hot sunny days we would go in the back garden which was fun to relax in the warm sunshine since it would be to warm inside the house.
After this lockdown I am finally feel happy to back to school because it is nice to see my friends again after 6 months of being in my house. I am excited to work with the business in Digital to making stuff for the business.

  • Digit4ll ~ Peter M.

My experience of the lockdown, and where I am now.
At the start of the lockdown, I was frightened about catching the virus and I was also very worried about my Grandma catching the virus, as she was in hospital at the time with another critical illness. As a result of this, I washed my hands regularly and I maintained social distancing whenever I went out.

As the weeks went on, I became very lonely and I would have given anything to return to college. I had contact with my classmates and college staff via the internet, but it definitely wasn’t the same as actually being in college and seeing them in person.
A month later, my Mum got a heart-breaking phone call from the hospital at about 10:00AM. My Grandma had passed away in the night, after catching the virus. I was devastated and, even though I wanted to cry, I was in such a state of shock that I couldn’t cry. My Grandma was the best Grandma and friend that anybody could ask for, and losing her was unbearable. A funeral was held for my Grandma a few weeks later. It was a socially distanced funeral, and only ten people were allowed to attend.
Due to my Grandma’s death and the lockdown itself, my sleep pattern began to go all over the place. For example, I would stay awake for almost all of the night, and I would then sleep for most of the next day. This was inconvenient for both myself and my family. However, now that I am back at college, my sleep pattern has improved massively, and I am happy to be back with the lovely people at Newbridge.

  • Digit4ll ~ Abigail

What I have done and my feelings in lockdown.
I have been doing the garden on the sunny days and I have been doing my English and maths in the morning. I have been in house all the time and we was bored I was doing things to get myself busy like drawing and colouring. I felt worried if my family was going to get the virus, as it was really bad. I want it all to be over soon and everything to be okay, so I can see my grandparents. It was weird to go to the shops and going out for a meal, as they check if our health was on the level of its okay. Were at collage now so its okay as were in our bubble. Its annoying now as if your rushing around, you will forget the mask as it’s the one thing you need to wear on the trams and buses. it was okay being in lockdown about 3 weeks, but then it was annoying. Everything was closed and when food places was open, they will be lines after lines as we would want to order and we will be exited.

  • Digit4ll ~ Jude

During lockdown I felt happy at first then my feelings changed as I felt anxious to be coming back to college.
During lockdown I went to sleep , I woke up at ten o’clock every morning ,then I brushed my teeth with an electric toothbrush with Colgate tooth paste , I had my dinner after my dinner I played some video games on my computer and laptop. As well I went to things such as hospital appointments for check ups , I celebrated my birthday through lockdown as I couldn’t do much so I got some presents and then forgot that my dads birthday was also in lockdown. I have also took my cat tiger to the vets to get a check up as well.
As you can see I didn’t do a lot of things during lockdown but I tired to make the most of what I could do at home and things that I was able to do with the restrictions
The week that I returned to college I felt confused and frustrated because I hate to come back as it was kind of pointless as there are a few schools that are already shut and I’m scared that the pandemic might get worse and we’ll go in lockdown again.
I am kind of glad that I am back because I am able to continue my studies with my teachers and able to socialise with my friends and peers.
Also being back I was able to go to Alexandra park and get outside in the fresh air and see some nature as I haven’t been to Alexandra park for a long time and it was nice to see some new things as I was stuck inside for months and getting out did me some good as well.

  • Digit4ll ~ Joseph

During Lockdown, I had contacted colleagues and they were an important aspect to keeping my sanity intact. I had been deprived of any measure of routine during the March – September Lockdown period. Waking up mid-afternoon to sleeping within the early hours of dawn. Most of my time awake was spent on games and/or buying Coins/Precious Metals with Monthly payments. I had left my house around twice a month at most and mainly isolated myself at home so I wasn’t likely to contract the virus. I had very little motivation to do anything so my work went unattended. I had invested around £150 in old silver coins and around £400 in new gold coins. I had taken up learning Japanese during the last few weeks of lockdown.

  • Digit4ll ~ Arron

What Was Life Like Over The Covid Period? What Did I Do Or Want To Do
At The Start, Life Was Normal, I Would Go On The Bus To Collage And Work All Day With My Friends Around Me (This Was When Covid Hadn’t Escaped From Wuhan) I Would Do My English, Maths, Living Skills And Business Periods And Go Home.
When Covid Hit The UK
The First Day Was Panic For Everyone The Shops Were Practically Getting Raided For Resources, There Was A Constant Abundance Of Toilet Paper And Food.
My Mother At The Time Was Extremely Stressed Out, We Were Having Other Peoples Children Forced On Us Even though The Coronavirus Was Spreading At A High Rate.
During The 6 Month Lockdown
While I Was In Lockdown I Wasn’t Able To See Other Family Members Apart From The Ones Living With Me, I Was Bored Out Of My Head And Had Nothing To Do, The Only Games I Had, I Completed,
I Would Have To Wait A Month For 2 Monthly Games And Hope I Hadn’t Already Bought Them (I Had Every Single Game That Came Out Within The 6 months)
The Easing
The Virus Infection Rate Had Dropped To An All-time Low, About 4 People We’re dying per day, Lockdown Restrictions Had Started To Ease, Shops, Restraunts, bars And The Airports Had Started To Open, I Could Finally Go Out And See My Friends.
The Second Wave
There Was A Panic That There Was Going To Be Another Wave Of Coronavirus Hitting Again And That It Had Developed Ways To Kill Quicker, At First My Mother Was Hesitant At Letting Me Out But The Second Wave Wasn’t As Bad As Everyone Had Said It Was Going To Be.
Back To Collage
About Two Weeks Ago I Started Coming Back To Collage, Everyone Did, On The First Day Everyone Was Getting Used To Each Other, We Started To Actual Work 4 Days In (Maths) And Now Were Back Into Sub-Normal Timetables.

  • Digit4ll ~ Michael

During lockdown I typically spent my time watching shows and random YouTube videos, reading, playing games, cleaning, doing my chores, among other stuff: other than those things I would have two lessons of English each week which id do in one or two hours. Eventually I started seeing friends again after a few months of staying inside. Each week during lockdown me and my friends would join a group call and chat about things such as: games, covid and our lives. Life was fairly repetitive hence why I am being so brief on the subject.
Now I’m am back in college and adjusting to a new situation I’m glad that I can interact with most of my friends again and to get my education back on track.

  • Pre Interns ~ Ethan

Back to college!
Because of all the time off from college because of lockdown/quarantine I wasn’t prepared to come back but it happened.
I’m finally back!!
Up to yet it’s been pretty good, there’s a new building now and it’s a lot better. The classes have been great because we started just in one room and all of our lesson equipment is in the class ready for us, it’s a lot easier. It’s basically been a smooth transition back to college and I’m happy to be back

  • Pre Interns ~ Brandon

Lockdown was awful and I didn’t enjoy it!!
I was lonely didn’t have my friends to see it was like a loss of my life.
All I was doing was playing my games all day and night on my PS4, I felt like I was grounded by Boris Johnson not allowed out I was also eating a lot of junk and I mean a lot!!!
My birthday came I wanted a party for my 18th it was alright but I wanted my mates to celebrate with me!
All I have heard about is Covid-19 and with the warm weather I wanted to go out but couldn’t.
Then college started got back in to the routine Of getting up early and going bed early as well, I feel good now that lockdown is over. I am happy to be back attending college again!

  • Lumenus ~ Beth

It’s been a bit hard because this morning I had to re jog my memory for maths. Being in lockdown was hard because I couldn’t see my fiends and family. I am getting back into routine

  • Lumenus ~ Bradley

Now that i am back i am starting to feel more settled. I am enjoying being back with my friends and spending 1-1 time with my new pastoral Mrs Nelson in the mornings

  • Lumenus ~ Dylan

in lockdown I have found it hard because I haven’t been able to see my friends and family and it’s been boring. Being back in college has sent me over the moon

  • Lumenus ~ Josh

In lockdown I was bored because I couldn’t see my friends or family I am glad that I am back in college because I have been able to see my friends

  • Lumenus ~ Ashanti

in lockdown it was really rubbish and lonely and boring. Being back is a bit weird because lessons aren’t the same

  • Lumenus ~ Adam

lockdown was stressful for me, I was very excited to be back in college to see all my friends again

  • Lumenus ~ Grace

during lockdown I felt really depressed and sad because I couldn’t see my friends. But when I came back to college it felt like things are going back to normal

  • Activ8 ~ Charlie

I wasn’t sure about coming to college. At first, I was nervous.
I’m enjoying it now though, it’s really chilled.
I’ve enjoyed getting out, to the park, that’s what I like to do.
The staff are really friendly and are pushing independence. I can’t wait to do a variety of sports at college.

  • Bridging the Gap ~ Josie

Lockdown was okay completing work for the teachers. I feel happy at being back with my friends again.

  • Bridging the Gap ~ Peter

Lockdown was great, But I am looking forward to getting work experience.

  • Bridging the Gap ~ Dom

Lockdown was boring this is better!

  • Bridging the Gap ~ Josh

The new college is much better than Medtia.

Can I thank all the students who have shared their experiences and views – it definitely gives us all an insight into their experiences.

Some of our classes have also made use of the good weather and taken their groups for a walk to Alexandra Park – here you can see some of our students socialising and enjoying the sunshine..

Our job coach, Tisha, has a special message from the Pre Internship pathway..

We would like to say a massive thank you to Georgina, the former restaurant supervisor at David Lloyd, Manchester North. She has been instrumental in supporting our students and she will be sorely missed. We wish her luck in her new role at Park Dean Resorts, Clitheroe as Complex Manager. Georgina has a few words to say,

“After 21 years at David Lloyd my proudest time has been with New Bridge, such a fantastic course for students and all the students are amazing!”

Here is Georgina (right) with Julie and Luka.

I hope you all have a great weekend,

Jaina and the Team

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