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Welcome Back!

I must start by saying how wonderful it has been to see our students returning to the Learning Centre in such a positive manner. It’s also been a real joy watching them catch up with some of their friends whom they have not seen, for many in over a year, because of the previous bubble restrictions.

Our students never cease to amaze me, with their resilience, enthusiasm and innate ability to show care and concern for others, they are truly inspirational. As I settle back into the new term I’m reminded of what a privilege it is to work with them all.

The new start can be a difficult time for students, so we are taking things at a steady pace over the first two weeks and with the exception of Outdoor Education with Mr Taylor, students are working within their tutor groups whilst they settle in and begin to build positive relationships with their staff teams and peers.

I’m delighted to be able to share a little of what students have been up to over what has proved to be a busy week.

Firstly to our Entitlement base students.

Mr Fennelly’s class loved being able to get out and about as the photos show, although Rayhan wouldn’t get off the bus for longer than 20 seconds unfortunately!!

We’ll go for a minute next week!


Mrs McDonald reports that our students in EBase 2 have settled well back into college. Abu has joined the group this year. He has started to build positive relationships with staff and peers and is adjusting to his new classroom. 

This week the group have started to embed mornings with a small exercise session. They enjoyed making leaves for or display, playing parachute games and engaging in a messy play session. Mrs McDonald commented “Its lovely to see everybody back!”





Well done Guys!

Mr Blackman’s group have also been busy this week. Here’s a short report on what they’ve been up to.

We are very lucky at the Learning Centre to have our very own orchard and the students have been picking the apples from the trees. Melissa, Haidar, Anthony, Daniel and Shahmuneer then did a cracking job chopping up the apples after they had washed and peeled them. They then mixed flour butter sugar and a bit of lemon juice to make the crumble, put the apples and a bit of rhubarb into a pan added a drop of water and then boiled it for ten minutes. Students then put the fruit into trays and added the crumble mix on top, cooked for half hour and then enjoyed it. Yummy!

I have to say thankyou for my portion guys, it was very tasty, however I’ll have to do extra on my exercise bike this evening!!

Mrs Keanes class have been equally busy as she explains:

The students in my class have settled back into college incredibly well this week.  A special mention to our new student Sam who has coped well with a lot of changes and new faces.

One of our activities this week was to look at the art and words of Charlie Mackesy.  His book ‘The Boy, The Mole, The Fox and The Horse’ brought comfort and inspiration to many people during lockdown.

We read and talked about the words and their meaning across a variety of his pictures, then each student picked one that they liked and coloured it in.  The finished pieces are going on the walls at the Learning Centre for everyone to enjoy.

See for yourself here…


This week Miss Bradley’s Community Living group have been exploring ancient Egypt.

“We have looked at the Pharaohs who ruled Egypt and what they wore. We then made our own head dresses and felt what it would be like to be a ruler. In cooking we have made apple crumble where we chopped, washed and baked our apples before adding them to the crumble mix. Once cooked, we then tasted our crumble…It was delicious! Lots of happy plates.”


I was lucky enough over the summer break to be able to catch a fair bit of the Paralympics. I was often brought to tears by the many inspirational athletes. It shows just what can be done with support, belief and encouragement. Our students constantly amaze me with their determination to take part in whatever they put their minds to.

I’m also warmed by how they help each other out. This was evident in the way the Nurture Group and Employability students support some of their peers.

Firstly, to the Nurture group who enjoyed their curling lesson this week.

We showed the new students how to play. Everyone took part and really enjoyed themselves” (Mrs Kindon)

And now to our Employability group

Our return to the LC this year has been a success in all areas. The students quickly settled back into the group as if they’d never been away!

As usual cricket was the order of the day this week and they picked up where they’d left off at the end of last year. Jamey decided that she’d like a go at batting, and ever the true gentlemen, the group allowed her to without any fuss. Subhan always tends to bowl overarm just like the professionals but because Jamey hadn’t tried batting before, he bowled gently underarm to give her a chance at hitting the ball, which she did. Well done Jamey and Subhan!

I’m sure there’ll be plenty more action in the coming weeks from the whole group.

Well done also, Kyle and Suhab on joining our group for this game. It was a first time joining us for you both and I know you both enjoyed it.

Well done EMPVPK for settling back in so well!

Our Interactive Base students have been equally amazing this week

Mrs Brierly would like to let families know that the students have all settled in very quickly and with great attitudes. 

We are learning about Egypt and the students have enjoyed writing their names using hieroglyphics. Its been a great week everyone, thanks very much!”

And now to a report from Mr Newport

“We’ve had a great first week in IBSNT, settling back into routine and starting our work on Around the World in 80 days. Lots of art and games to help the class get to know their new friends.”


IB COMMS 1 have also had an excellent start to the term. Everyone has settled back into routines and seem happy to be back.We have been doing lots of circle games so students could re- familiarise themselves with each other and staff.

A Thank you to all the staff and students for your hard work this week, and patience when things haven’t been quite right. You’ve all been fabulous, I’m really looking forward to where we’ll go this year!

Have a lovely Weekend



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