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Firstly, a thank you…

I’d like to start this week’s blog with a word of thanks to parents for their support and understanding following the decision made at the start of the week to hold our Parents evening virtually this term. This week we sent a letter out to families that we received the following guidance from the GM covid-19 management framework.

“Where possible, reduce the number of occasions where larger numbers of adults come into the building and where possible or advantageous to the setting/ families utilise remote connect methods (advised in GM guidance).

If there are any reasons where larger numbers of adults may come into the building, consider the need for the event and whether it can be safely held virtually without disrupting the event.”

This term the plan was to have a blended model for next week’s parents evening, and tutors have been in contact with families to glean opinion on whether they wanted to attend on site or speak to staff virtually.

In response to the large numbers of families requesting on site visits, and to the above guidance, it was with regret that we decided that the that next week’s LC Parents evening will be virtual with staff contacting families via telephone or teams.

Staff teams will continue to call families on Tuesday between 3.40 and 4.50. Please contact class teachers if you require an alternative time.

We have not taken this decision lightly and I feel this is the safest option for students, families, and staff alike.

I’d also like to keep families informed of the latest guidance we received today from public health

“From Monday 8th November, we are recommending that pupils and staff in secondary schools and colleges wear face coverings when moving around the school and in communal areas. Face coverings lower the risk of spreading the virus if someone has the virus but is not displaying symptoms. Pupils will not need to wear face coverings while sitting at their desks in classrooms, whilst eating or outside.

We continue to recommend strongly that face coverings are also used on public transport. This measure should have limited impact on education in the classroom, and help to reduce the risk of transmission.”

There is no real change for LC students as we are currently wearing face coverings in communal areas, but please can I ask that we reiterate with students the above guidance. Our students do amazingly well and are keen to keep everyone safe, wearing masks wherever required! Well done guys, you’re an example to everyone!!

Now to what’s been going on at the Learning Centre!

Mr Blackman’s DIY

The students split into two groups, group 1’s task was to construct a model car using the instruction booklet provided (pictures of parts needed.) Group 2’s task was to repair broken pool cues – remove the damaged tips and replace with new ones. This involved the removal of the old damaged tips and selecting the new correct sized ones to be glued on.

Mr Blackman’s Year 14

This year the students have chosen to do one large painting of a poppy each, we just need a place to display them now…


Community Spirit & Nurture Group

Community spirit and nurture group both took part in creating a display for Remembrance Day, which has been displayed in the reception area. 


In our relationship lessons we have been learning about families and people’s role in their family.


Today each student chose someone in their family and awarded them a medal.  On the medal they wrote who their chosen person is and what that person does for the student to show them that they care.


Family Medals from CLAKE

IB Comms 2

This week in IB we have been learning about different religions and their celebrations.

On Monday 1st it was The Day of the Dead and we learnt about the celebrations and made our own candy skulls.

On Tuesday 2nd it was All Saints Day and we learnt about the different Saint’s whose days appear throughout the year.

On Wednesday and Thursday, we looked at Diwali and the story of Rama and Sita.

On Friday we are looking at Bonfire Night and how and why it is celebrated, including learning about Fire Safety.

We will watch the British Musical Fireworks Championships Show from Southport.

Nadia warming her hands on the fire 🔥 in the ILS for Bonfire Night


Nadia standing between Rama and Sita whilst we looked at Diwali

Zara enjoying our session in the ILS looking at Diwali

Display board in IBComms 2 for the work this week



Communication Group

This week the communication group have been looking at the history and importance of Remembrance Day. They have watched a PowerPoint explaining the history of World War 1 and the reasons why we wear a poppy each year. Many of the class recognised the gathering and laying of poppy wreaths at the Cenotaph when  we looked at clips of this happening in their local areas. The class have all then worked together to create their own beautiful poppy display for their classroom door.


I’m delighted with the enthusiasm and attitude of all our students, you’re a credit to the LC.

On Tuesday we will be holding our first Student council of the year.

I’m pleased to say that our Governors, Cathy & Ken will be joining to support what is a really important aspect of college life. I look forward to feeding back in next week’s blog.

Have a great weekend, and please stay safe everyone



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