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Weekly blog 21.01.22

Amazing pictures from Miss Bradley’s class, I’m delighted to see all the students so engaged in their activities and learning.

The focus of the new Learning Centre curriculum is on preparing students for their destinations and this is illustrated within this week’s report from Mrs Bradley’s Community Living 3 group.

It’s great to see our student excelling in living skills, Maths, English, Community access and cooking.

Mrs Bradley’s Report…

“It has been a busy start since returning after Christmas in Community living 3. This term we have been continuing to go to the local café during our community access. The students all look forward to attending every Wednesday and bringing their own money in to order their food. We have been learning money skills to pay for their items and using our communication skills to order. Students are becoming more confident in recognising the different coins and going up to the counter to pay for their food. We looked at recognising money by matching the correct coins to the picture and we will continue this throughout term. We also access a range of parks during outdoor education which boost our community access skills.

In English, we have been looking at the weather. The students have been looking at different types of weather forecasts and what clothes they would wear for each. All the students have worked extremely hard and are becoming confident in this topic. We will be moving onto seasons and creating their own weather report during this term.

We have started our new year by looking at different types of breakfasts in cooking. This week we have made our own English breakfast. The students have practised a range of skills
such as stirring the pan, using the toaster and turning on & off the oven. Everyone enjoyed making their own food, especially eating it where they asked for seconds!”

Big well-done Chelsea, Kaif, Ben, Sean, Esha, Abdul, Bemi and Josh!

Talking of cooking, I like to say a big thank you to Miss Hamner & Community Living 2 for my very tasty bacon butty, (With tomato sauce! None of that brown stuff!) and to the Nurture group and
particularly Junior for giving me his full English breakfast, which I reluctantly shared with Mr Lyons!

Will need to do extra Pilates this year guys!

As you may be aware this week the Government announced new guidance on the loosening of restrictions including those on face coverings.

Unfortunately, although infection rates may be falling, they remain high within the Learning Centre.


The government advice to liaise with public health to make appropriate decisions for individual schools and colleges. The following guidance has been shared by public health with schools…

The Prime Minister announced yesterday, the removal of the requirement to wear face coverings in classrooms in secondary schools with effect from today, Thursday, 20th January. There is also the intention to remove the measures requiring use of face coverings in communal spaces in all schools in due course.
Individual schools are able to retain these measures where the local context warrants it, and this may be specifically the case for those schools that are still experiencing high case rates, and where the school believes there is benefit in retaining face coverings in classrooms.

Whilst case numbers have fallen in Oldham, they are not yet low and we would support any school that wishes to retain measures at this time, and particularly where our Covid Case Workers are working with schools that have high case rates.

They recommend that we retain face coverings in communal spaces at present and in the event of an outbreak, also within the affected classroom(s). The wearing of face coverings within classroom is
now a matter of personal choice.

We hope you agree that this would seem a sensible, proportionate, and ultimately safe response at this time.

We will regularly review this position and keep families fully informed.

Have a great weekend

Take care and stay safe



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