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Weekly Blog 28th Jan 22


I have to start this week’s blog by saying a huge thank you to all our amazing staff and students for the way they have responded this week to a number of changes which have been made in response
to a rise in covid cases at the Learning Centre.

To try and reduce the spread we have limited mixing between classes. This has meant that students are spending their lunchtime activities within their own classrooms, and we have temporarily stopped the Options programme.

Students have reacted with a calmness and maturity we have come to expect, and the staff have been as resilient as ever.
I am confident that these are short term measures, and we will be able to restore normal practice soon.

We continue to be advised by our colleagues at public health who have been extremely supportive.

Please see this weeks update below:

Measures to reduce transmission:

We are seeing increasing rates of COVID in our primary school age children and have high rates in our secondary schools. We know that schools are working hard to respond to cases, and to stop the
spread within settings. We recommend that schools continue to implement measures such as:

• Ensuring that there is good ventilation in classrooms,
• Continue to ensure there is good hygiene (including handwashing), and cleaning
regimes within the school
• Encourage distancing between staff (where possible),
• Continue to communicate with parents on the symptoms of COVID to ensure that
children do not attend whilst unwell
• Support routine LFD testing for staff (and pupils in secondaries/colleges)
• Support for vaccination for those eligible – we have information available on where
to get vaccinated if individuals aren’t already and are interested
• Consider opportunities to reduce indoor gathering and mixing between year groups,
e.g., virtual assemblies

In addition, where there are increasing numbers in a setting it is important to consider additional measures. For example, this may include reducing mixing between classes with increasing rates.
Face Coverings.

On 19th January, the Prime Minister announced the ending of many ‘Plan B’ measures, including the removal of the requirement for secondary school pupils to wear face coverings in the classroom.

From 27th January, nationally, the requirement for secondary school pupils to also wear face coverings in corridors and communal areas is also being removed.

The Government has made it clear that local Directors of Public Health may make recommendations to schools in their areas if they judge it necessary for the safety of public health. Whilst case numbers have fallen in Oldham, they are still very high, and we would support any school that wishes to retain the use of face coverings at this time. Reducing the spread of COVID in our schools is important to protect the health of children and staff and support their access to education.

In addition, we will be strongly recommending that secondary schools with high numbers of cases retain the use of face coverings in communal areas and corridors. These specific recommendations
will be reviewed fortnightly. We will be contacting those settings directly.

And now to more positive news from our Interactive Base, who despite being ‘bubblised’ have been very busy as the following reports show:


“It’s been a bit of a strange week in IBComms 2 this week as we have had our usual staff both down with Covid.  We have had support from Miss Campbell who has helped us with our art work and our reading skills.

We have continued with our theme on weather and have also enjoyed working on our topic from our options group which is Dr. Who, we have learnt about Daleks and Cybermen and we are looking forward to making our own Dalek!”


“It has been a bit of a strange few weeks in IBSNT and IBComms1, as we have had to bring two classes together. There have been lots of unexpected benefits, and all the pupils have really enjoyed spending time mixing with a different group of staff and peers. We have continued our theme on weather, having done a lot of different art lessons based on this. We have also done lots of cooking and enjoyed our regular morning routine and exercise sessions. Although we haven’t been down to options we have also done our own music!”


Finally I’d like to say thankyou to Shamuneer for making me a ‘Sauge butty’ which just hit the spot.

Miss Hamner reported on the class earlier in the week on Facebook!

On Monday afternoon at 2.00pm we are looking forward to welcoming families to our parents group where Trushi Velti from Touch solicitors will be answering parents questions on a range of topics including: wills, trust funds, lasting power of attorney etc. If you have any questions please do not hesitate to get in touch.

Have a lovely weekend all and stay safe.



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