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LC Blog – 11th February

This week, the Entitlement base classes have shared what they’ve been up to. They have certainly been busy taking photographs, it’s great to see them all engaging in so many different activities both within the Learning Centre and off site.

Ebase 1

In Ebase 1 this week we have enjoyed activities focusing on children’s mental health week. Every afternoon they have been participating in yoga classes where they have learnt new positions; afterwards they have enjoyed lying on the yoga mats and listening to mindfulness meditation where they have been focusing on their breathing techniques and releasing tension in their bodies. A big well done to Ebase 1 for ‘growing together’ and participating as a whole group.

Ebase 2

Since our last update, Ebase 2 have been using a pirate theme in some of our activities. In English we are reading ‘The Treasure of Pirate Frank’, complete with sensory elements for the students to explore – including sensory bottles, a treasure map and a treasure chest, all of which we made as a group in art. Speaking of art, we’ve also been using tissue paper to decorate images of a ship in a bottle, and this week we made love heart-shaped symmetrical paintings to stick on our classroom door in celebration of Valentine’s Day.

We also have some exciting news: we have made some huge steps together in Outdoor Ed recently. Not only have we been able to get off the bus in previous weeks and explore St. Martin’s Park, this week we went on an hour-long walk (across some very muddy terrain!) and played in a nearby park as a group. For some of the students, this was a very challenging undertaking in the past, but working as a team we have been able to make great progress. Well done, gang!

Ebase 3

Over the last couple weeks in Ebase 3, we have been working hard on our Living Skills. We have been focusing on sorting items of coloured clothing based on lights, darks and colours, followed by some folding. We’ve also been practising teeth brushing on our modelled teeth.

We have also focused on cleaning up the community during D of E; we have been out in the local area with our litter pickers and worked together as a team to pick up as much litter as possible – followed by a wellbeing walk and time spent on the park as a reward.

Students in Ebase 3 have also enjoyed Outdoor Ed, where we visited Dudwood Park and had a great time exploring some challenging environments.

Mr Blackman’s Community Living 2 group have also had a busy week. As part of the theme ‘growing together’ for Children’s mental health week, the group examined the rings on a tree trunk slice
showing the years of growth and they also made comparisons on how we can compare growth and change in trees .

Be like a tree.

Stay grounded.

Turn over a new leaf.

Bend before you Break.

Enjoy your Unique Natural Beauty.

Keep Growing.

The roots are where we come.

The stem is our body holding everything together.

The branches are our arms that give support when needed.

Leaves are all the people out there that would give us help.

The group have also loved working on their Road Safety Awareness, cutting out, colouring and matching images to completed work sheets for their files.

The group have also been getting into the spirit of the winter Olympics for a display.

Tuesday was E-safety day and students took part in a range of different activities, here is a report from our Employability Pathway…

“The Employability Group looked at all aspects of safety while online. They were especially interested about online safety when gaming and shopping online, and how strangers will try to get your personal details. We looked at ways in which people have been defrauded and how scammers work to trick people into sharing personal information, even via text and TikTok.

We also learned how to sign subject specific words used in I.C.T. to help us support and interact with other students in our group. All the group really enjoyed this activity and have continued to practise
their signing throughout the week.”

Nurture group also worked on internet safety. We did some work on personal footprints and each student worked on their own personal footprint with apps they use online…

As mentioned earlier, the theme for this term’s mental health awareness day is ‘Personal Growth’.

Next half term we are continuing the theme with an activity where each student will grow a plant and decorate a pot and also an ‘express yourself’ day where staff and students can choose (if they
want) to wear something that expresses how they are feeling. I look forward to sharing more in the future, getting my outfit ready!

There are also some useful links for parents and families…

Children’s Mental Health Week 

I’d like to close with this weeks thought for the week which ties nicely with what students have been learning.

Have a lovely weekend. 

Take care and stay safe.




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