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Ebase 1

Ebase 1 would like to share with you some of the activities that they have accessed over the last couple of weeks…

On Shrove Tuesday, we practised flipping pancakes.

Usayd found this quite difficult and somehow managed to flip the pancake over his shoulder, which landed in the same place each time. Quite a skill, Usayd!

Sarah Jane was happy to just gave the pancake a little wiggle in the frying pan.

Nahid was able to flip the pancake into the air, but unfortunately, it ended up breaking.

Zachariah thought it would be a good idea to try to get the pancake to land on somebody’s head!

But our star pancake flipper was Kausar. Kausar had definitely done this before, and was able to very expertly toss the pancake into the air and catch it perfectly in the frying pan.

We then filled our pancake with lots of delicious treats, practised rolling it up, and then ate it.

Everybody really enjoyed their pancake and we had some really good fun during this activity.

Ebase 1 have also been practising their skills when sorting out the laundry ready to put away.

They have been pairing socks, fastening buttons, putting clothes onto a hanger and folding towels.

Usayd, Zachariah, Nahid and Sarah Jane are doing really well with this, especially when it comes to the difficult task of folding the socks together into a ball.

On Friday, we got into the spirit of Red Nose Day.

We bought some lovely cakes from the Nurture Base to raise money for this very worthy cause and made some headbands, so we really looked the part.

Well done everybody in EBase 1, you have worked really hard, whilst also having some fun!

Ebase 2

Since our last update, Ebase 2 has continued with the pirate theme during our English activities – reading The Treasure of Pirate Frank, singing and dancing along to ‘Portside Pirates’, and even dressing up as pirates ourselves (both staff and students!)

This week we have embraced the spirit of St. Patrick’s Day in our Art and Cooking activities – decorating shamrocks, designing rainbows that lead to pots of gold and making Shamrock Shakes. We also celebrated Red Nose Day by creating our own huge red nose during Friday’s Art activity. As for ICT, we have been looking forward to Easter (maybe a little prematurely!) by spending this week’s activity decorating our own Easter eggs.

And finally, a huge shout out to our one and only Saruwar – the Ebase 2 star of the week! He has managed to sit at the table every lunchtime this week and eat his lunch; he has joined in our Communication activities; and he was fully engaged throughout the entirety of our Cooking activity, where he made and tasted his own Shamrock Shake.

Ebase 3

This week in Ebase3 we have spent our cooking lesson making Ebase biscuits (vanilla shortbread). The students had a great time making the shortbread by mixing sugar, butter and flour with a small amount of vanilla extract; they then had fun rolling it out and cutting out some shortbread men; and the best part was eating them afterwards!

We have also enjoyed exploring our local parks and testing out the climbing frames, trampolines and swings!

Everyone has worked hard during their ICT and Maths lessons, and a special mention to Umar who has found his new favourite game to work on during Maths!

A huge well done to all our E-Base students, who have been, as always amazing!

Next week sees our first Calvert residential since March 2020 and it’s safe to say that the students are very excited. I’m unsure whether they’ll get much sleep on Sunday evening, here’s hoping. I know they will all have a wonderful time and will enjoy creating memories with their friends which they will never forget. We will be posting regular reports from what we hope will be a sunny Lake District, so please keep an eye on our social media. Please can we ask that all student luggage is labelled with students’ names and that packed lunches are kept separate.

One of the delights of working within education is being able to join in with national events such as Red Nose Day, and today has been no exception. I’d like to say thank you to the Nurture Group students for the delightful cakes, and yes, I did have two! And for decorating the Learning Centre to get everyone in the spirit. So far, we have raised a total of £60 just from dressing up and cakes!

Here are a few pictures.

I’d like to finish with some words of advice to those students going to Calvert next week…

Try absolutely everything!

Take notice of everything around you.

Encourage and take care of each other.

Trust those who are supporting you.

Enjoy making memories that will last a lifetime…

…and remember to be brave, you are stronger than you think.

Have a lovely weekend all

Take care



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