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Weekly blog 25.03.22

This week has been very different at the LC whilst staff and students have been away at Calvert. One of our year 12 students, Danny stepped up and offered to run daily sports sessions for a couple of classes. This has been a huge success with all the students loving Danny taking the lesson, indeed what started as a small group of 4 soon moved to the whole group wanting to take part meaning today’s session involved a large group of 12 students.

Here is a short report from the man himself, Danny:

“I’ve enjoyed every minute of it this week, all the students have done really well and I would like to keep doing it every week. I like to help people and encourage them.”

Here’s a report from Mrs Robinson

Miss Bradley & Mirs Keane’s class have REALLY enjoyed their PE lessons delivered by Nurture Group member Daniaal. Over the course of this week, Daniaal has organised the class into teams and given them tasks to improve their ball skills and promote teamwork. He has also delivered seated Zumba classes in the hall and made sure that all the students are partaking and enjoying being taught by one of their peers.

Daniaal was at all times, clear in his instructions and extremely professional!

Haider said the outside sessions were “really good” and Kaneez said the Zumba one was her favourites. Chelsea and Shahmuneer liked the ball throwing games and Sean loved being outside in the fresh air playing our own bespoke version of netball!

The students all agreed that they would love it if Dani could continue to do sports with them on a weekly basis.

I’m delighted to see Daniaal grow in confidence, we are exploring him achieving his sports leaders badge, and, as from next week we are planning weekly sessions where he will teach other students. Well Done Danny, really proud of you.

Another of our nurture group students has also been supporting within other Classes. Maddie has been working with the interactive base students for a couple of weeks and has been doing amazing, as Mrs Taylor said, “She gets it!” On Tuesday Maddie supported the class with the some artwork and Mrs Taylor reports “Maddie has been brilliant supporting IB with their textured cards. She supported Hajra who enjoyed feeling the feathers and the shiny sequins! Maddie has also prepared some art resources which were much needed. Thanks, Maddie!”

Spring is definitely in the air at the Learning Centre, and we have been joined by some tiny little friends in the form of frogs!

Students are definitely looking forward to having tadpoles in the wellbeing pond this year!

I’m handing over the rest of this week’s blog to Mrs Keane,

“Mrs Keane’s group have had a great spring term so far. They have worked really hard in English and Maths, and their behaviour has been excellent.


…working hard doesn’t just take place indoors and the group love nothing more than Tuesday afternoons and Outdoor Ed with Mr Taylor. They have been to lots of different places and explored each area. They have visited Scout Green in Mossley, Tandle Hills, Heaton Park and Chadderton Park.

Whilst out and about they have had to think about travelling across different terrains and obstacles, what dangers they might encounter and how they can keep safe.

Some Tuesdays, the group have stayed on site at the Learning Centre and learnt camping skills, obviously the most important skill being making and enjoying a hot drink.”

Finally, this afternoon we welcomed back the staff and students who have been at Calvert this week. Students were absolutely ‘buzzing’ and couldn’t wait to tell us everything they have been doing. They have all been fabulous, particularly in the way they have supported each other. Well done everyone!

We’ve been able to share some photos, however we will be doing a full Calvert blog, here are just a few to be going on with.

A huge thankyou to the staff who supported students this week, you are truly amazing, have a well-deserved rest!

On Monday afternoon, we look forward to welcoming families to the Learning Centre Parents group. This is always well attended, and parents and carers say how much they value this time to meet together. If you have any questions, please contact the Learning centre on 0161883 2402.

Have a lovely weekend all, take care and stay safe



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