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Weekly blog 23.09.22


Each week I try and share different stories from life at the Learning Centre. This week I’d like to share an email from Sara our school nurse. Sarah has supported our students for many years and during this time has not only developed relationships with students, but staff teams and families as well.

We do not often see the true impact of what we do and it’s wonderful when one of our professional partners takes time to acknowledge staff efforts and emphasise student successes outside of the Learning Centre.

For many months, our Entitlement base staff have been supporting Wany and his family in trying to access much needed medical support which, because of his needs, was proving impossible.

Supporting students to develop the life and social skills they require, in order to successfully access all aspects of the wider community, underpins the whole of the Learning Centre curriculum.

All students are working towards our 7 destinations strands:


Being involved

Taking Part

Taking Control

Playing a part in my community

Volunteering in my community

Working in my community

Being independent.


Here is the wonderful email I received form Sara this week:

“Hi Dawn

I just wanted to bring to your attention some fabulous work that the team at the learning centre have done which has allowed Wany to receive the medical interventions he needed.

As you may be aware, Wany developed a health need some time ago which was escalated to myself by the class team. This has required hospital appointments and a surgical intervention which as you can imagine we thought may be completely unachievable due to Wany’s needs.

His team have completed social stories, supported in developing a health passport and prepared Wany, which resulted in him attending hospital and managing to tolerate the initial surgical intervention yesterday.

Carla, Josh and Hannah have done an incredible job which I just wanted to share with you

Many thanks


Wany’s mum has given me permission to share this email, hopefully it will bring hope to families who may be facing similar challenges. I would also like to take this opportunity to say a huge thank you for your resilience, persistence, patience and determination in helping Wany and his family.

You have definitely made a difference! So very proud of the whole team!


And now to this week’s report which comes from Miss Thornhills class…


Communication/Entitlement Group.

“Here in the Communication/Entitlement group we have welcomed new students this year and would like to take this opportunity to introduce you to the group.

Sean has joined us from another class where he spent his time in Year 12. Sean has settled into his new class really well and has entertained us with his amazing voice when using the Karaoke. Sean is a pleasure to have within the classroom and is always willing to engage himself in his learning activities. 

Kaif is another student who has joined us from another class this year. Kaif has also settled really well and, like Sean, he surprised us with his karaoke performance, singing along to, “Don’t let me Down”, by “The Chain Smokers”.

Along with Sean and Kaif, Ben has also joined us this year. Ben really enjoys accessing learning activities and has a keen interest in clocks. Ben does a really good impression of “Big Ben”.

Nahid is an existing member of the Communication/Entitlement Group. Nahid’s interests are keyboards, reading, writing and using money. 

Arthur has joined us from the lower school site. Arthur was excited, but a little worried about leaving lower school, however; he has settled really well and enjoys coming to the Learning Centre.

Stefan has also joined us from lower school and has already become a major character within the classroom. Stefan is very talkative and enjoys the company of both his peers and staff. 

Along with Arthur and Stefan, Leo has joined us too. Leo was excited about coming to the Learning Centre and has settled in really well. Leo enjoys using his iPad, playing the keyboard and spending short periods of time with his peers. 

Our final new student is Levi. Although Levi has found it difficult to settle into his new surroundings, he has enjoyed joining in with group games and meeting up with his friends at lunchtime.

I would like to end this blog with some photos of some of the activities that the above students have enjoyed taking part in. 

Well done all of you. It’s been a difficult move for you all but you’ve done brill!”

I’d like to remind families that on Monday we are holding the Learning Centre Parents/ Carers group at 2.00pm. Letters went out last week to all families with more information. We look forward to welcoming as many parents and carers as possible.


Take Care




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