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Weekly Blog 30.09.22

The focus of this week’s blog has come from Mr Newport’s IB class.

“We have had a great few weeks in IB Sensory 1.  Our theme this term is ‘Victorian Inventors’ so we have been exploring the topics of Alexander Fleming (messy science!), telephones and hot air balloons.

We have continued our Morning Routine exercise, so have spent lots of time playing basketball, walking and exploring!

The apples were also ready on the trees at the front of the learning centre so we have been out picking!

All the best.”
Dr. Stephen Newport


I’d also like to share some feedback from our employability students who have been out this week on their work experience placements.

“Learning Centre students have enjoyed their first day of placement at The Roxy Café within the Guinness Partnership offices.

Students had a quick look around the building and were shown around the Roxy Cafe, they were then introduced to the Catering Managers of New Bridge, Lotfi and Julie.

Students were shown how to serve customers, they learnt basic food hygiene skills, team work and cooking within a professional kitchen environment. We have been impressed with all the students for listening well and staying safe in the kitchen whilst learning team work skills.

Stacey – “I was really nervous at first but I really enjoyed my work experience. What I really liked the most was the cooking. It was a nice surprise and we learned to cook Chinese chicken noodles with stir fried vegetables and prawn crackers! It was so tasty. I also served my first customer and learned to use the iPad and how to speak to a customer correctly.”

Nicole – “I felt a bit scared but it was quiet so it made it easier. I liked the cooking and the food I made was okay. I made noodles and spoke a bit to one person but I am still working on speaking up. I said to one of the people (Lotfi) I would work here which I might once I turn 18, I don’t know yet. It was ok and I liked it, it was fun and I learned to cook and experience it. I didn’t burn myself which is a good thing! I would do this again but next time not with help. I am looking forward to coming again.”

Shannon – “My first day at work experience was fun. The building the café is in is big and I wish it were college. It’s also posh. I learnt how to cook tasty noodles and learnt how to fill a vending machine too.”

I’d like to say a personal thanks to Sadie from the Nurture group who very kindly made me a delicious dish of macaroni cheese. It was delicious. (the picture doesn’t do it justice…)

And here are a few shots of Mrs Reade’s class, fully engaged in their Food Tech lesson.

I’d like to remind families that on Monday 3rd we are holding the Learning Centre Parents/ Carers group at 2.00pm. Letters have gone out to all families with more information. We appreciate how difficult it can be for parents of students with additional needs, and how isolating it can feel. It’s a great opportunity for families to meet up and share thoughts/ ideas or concerns in a safe environment. We look forward to welcoming as many parents and carers as possible.

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