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Weekly blog 26.05.23

My blog this week is dedicated to two experiences I’ve had with two of our amazing students, one year 12 and the other who left us last summer.

Firstly, today I was interviewed by Shannon one of our Employability students, she did great, asking questions in a professional calm manner, which helped me relax and answer questions fully. Here’s a report from Shannon…

And now from Miss Knox…

This week EMPVPK had a series of lessons exploring interview techniques. We went around the Leaning Centre interviewing various members of staff. The students thought of possible questions that could be asked. All students displayed maturity and showed confidence.

And secondly to one of our ex-students…

Yesterday I had the pleasure of attending our annual Governor conference the theme of which was ‘destinations’. The event was hosted in the theatre at New Bridge School and was hosted b y students from New Bridge College Lumenus pathway. The focus was on the journey our young people take, the role New Bridge has played in that journey and the destinations they are working towards or have achieved.

We listened to the stories of a number of past and present students from across the MAT who shared their journeys so far, the overriding theme of which was the absolutely pivotal role New Bridge had played in that journey. I’d like to share a few words from Aimee who left the Learning Centre last summer and she currently attends Horizons.

Here are just some of the very powerful and moving words from Aimee’s speech…

“My New Bridge and Learning Centre journey began almost 10 years ago. I remember it was so different to primary school where I was forced to fit in even though I never did. I love New Bridge from the second I arrived.

I think it was in year 8 when everything changed. It was as though a dark cloud suddenly came over me and I started to experience some really horrible lows in my mood, thank goodness for the nurture base which was a small class for people like me who needed extra support. My mental health was really bad.

The waiting list for therapy were too long so it was Mr meadows, Miss Hand and Miss Soltyk and the school councillors who became my superhero’s and helped me in any way they could.

When I went to the Learning Centre at 16 my help support continued and I met a few more superhero’s, Miss Allison, Miss Kindon, Miss Wright and Miss Lane.

Now I’m almost 21 and my help and support continue at New Bridge Horizons where I’ve been able to volunteer at the RSPCA and food bank which I love.

I now have a diagnosis of bipolar disorder which is ok because we are all unique and shine in our own way.

I’m finally enjoying life again.

I don’t think these things would have been possible if it wasn’t for New Bridge and the help they gave me when I was so unwell. Of course, life isn’t always easy and there are still times I struggle but I’m a stronger person now, I’m more able to manage and cope with my emotions when I’m feeling low.

New Bridge is more than just a school and college.

Its more than a place which teaches you how to read and to write.

It’s a place where we are given opportunities, we probably wouldn’t get anywhere else.

Its like an extra big family, a place that teaches you how to have fun, how to be happy, and how to believe in yourself and never give up.

I don’t think my ending would be the one it is now if it wasn’t for New Bridge

Who knows whether I would even be stood here today telling my story.

I thank New Bridge for that, that I’m here. Living my life with a smile on my face,

For helping to make me the strong person that I am now and for helping me to get my life back on track.”



I don’t mind admitting that I cried, with a sense of pride in the strong, brave powerful young lady Aimee has become and in the team that worked tirelessly to support her.

Thanks Aimee, for reminding us so eloquently why we do the job we do and that we can make a difference to the amazing young people we work with everyday,

Have a lovely half term!

Take care





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