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Learning Centre Blog – 6.10.23


Hi everyone…

The Learning Centre Local Leadership Group meets once a week and alongside the Student Council, is the fulcrum that drives a lot about the Learning Centre.

(I will talk more about the Student Council next week)

The group consists of representatives from all parts of the Learning Centre to try to ensure that everyone has a voice. Our pathway leads form part of the group. They comprise of Miss Thornhill- (Ebase and Community Living Communication), Mrs Peacock (Community Living) and Mrs Carter (Interactive Base). They then share and disseminate information to staff meetings within their pathways

On Wednesday Miss Kindon came to report to our Local Leadership team about a couple of upcoming events.

On Friday 17th November we will be supporting Children In Need.

Also on Thursday 30th November we will host our Christmas Fair.

More details to follow on both events. There was also unanimous agreement within the group of the importance for events such as these to bring all the pathways of the Learning Centre together as one.

Miss Kindon’s visit also sparked a discussion about the importance of the Learning Centre being a really outward facing organisation for our parents and the local community.

(I mentioned a couple of weeks ago how lonely and isolated I can feel at times as the parent of a daughter with SEN…)

There was a commitment to try to open our doors to parents, families and the local neighbourhood regularly throughout the year.

On this note, I remember when I worked in Year 7 at the school site hosting a termly Coffee Morning for all the parents in each of our Year 7 classrooms which were very successful.

Also permanently seared into my memory was one of these events about 15 years ago when the fire alarm was set off from a steaming hot water urn in my classroom.

The whole school had to be evacuated which was bad enough but it interrupted the Year 14 Leavers ceremony which was taking place at the same time.

Mr Quinn was not amused, demanding to know the cause. I kept my head well and truly down for a period after that!

Also a reminder that our first Parents Group meeting of the year will take place on Monday 18th October from 2pm- 3pm at the Learning Centre.

These Parent group meetings always take place on a Monday when Shamin Akhtar, our bilingual family liaison officer, will be in attendance at the meetings to help with any translating that may be required.

Everyone is welcome and please do not hesitate to contact me regarding any questions or queries you may have regarding this or anything else.

You can contact me directly on  jkbarker@newbridgegroup.org   I look forward to meeting you a week on Monday at this event.

Mr Fennelly is the form tutor for one of our two E-Base classes. The new academic year has not been without its challenges for Ebase as staff have patiently and stoically supported assimilating new and old students into new form groups.

This has not been easy especially for some Year 12 students who are coming to terms with new buses, classrooms, timetables, staff and routines. Mr Fennelly, his team and the whole of Ebase have shown real resilience and teamwork facing these challenges to create solutions and forging a positive way forward together.

This week our class focus is on Mr Fennelly’s class and here is his report.

“In Ebase 1 we’ve really enjoyed starting back after summer, our young people have been learning about the artist Kandinsky and trying out some similar techniques.

The students have enjoyed learning about hygiene and washing their hands during RSHE lessons.

The students have also worked hard in their money lessons whilst learning to identify coins!

Our young people have had a great time out and about exploring the local community with support!

Thanks from everyone in Ebase 1 for taking the time to read.”

Have a good weekend everyone,



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